E&O Insurance for Notaries


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I'm a notary and was looking around the National Notary Association website and realized that they offer Errors & Omissions Insurance. I looked up my state (NY) to see what their rates are and I'm shocked at how cheap it is! For a one year liability limit policy of $25,000 it's only $35! They of course offer higher liability limits with longer term periods. Costs are different depending on the state you live in.

If you're a notary I think this is a great opportunity to find very cost effective E&O Insurance. I will definitely be signing up for it.


How awesome!!!! I am a Notary in the state of New Jersey and was wondering about that just the other day. I'll check it out. Thanks a bunch. :D
Paulette, that's DIRT CHEAP, especially when you consider North Carolina is $110 a year for both of us!

Even if your state requires you to be bonded (Missouri requires we carry a $10K bond) it wouldn't cover everything. I've heard of malfeasance lawsuits running as high as $200K. If you're lucky, you'll just lose your commission.

Still not convinced? We've lived in St Louis for 2 years, but we're waiting to see whether my husband will be subpoenaed for a will he notarized in North Carolina 4 years ago. Thankfully it's doubtful anything will come of it, but it never hurts.