Do you provide detailed time reports to clients?

Hi all, I am wondering if anybody provides their clients with a daily or weekly report of what they worked on for that client. I keep a To Do list for each client and use that as my worksheet to keep track of my work tasks, progress of the tasks, and what's been completed for my own reference, but I'm wondering if any body provides a bulleted summary or some kind of detail (timesheet with what was completed, for example) and sends that to the client?

My invoices are generic as I only work on a prepaid basis where clients buy blocks of my time in advance for whatever they think they need for the month. I keep track of my time using TraxTime, but I'm wondering if need to provide detail to them on what I did in the time I worked.

I'm in communicaiton with them often, we have weekly phone meetings, and email back and forth. But I feel like there should be some kind of accountability or documentation in case there is any question on how I've spent my time.

I would be interested in hearing who does this and who doesn't. And if you do provide detailed client reports, I'm wondering if you would be willing to share a sample format?

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Re: Detailed Client Reports

I don't give detailed client reports but I could. I'm very specific when I keep my time and what I did during that time frame. So far no one has requested it. I do update my long term clients, usually once a week, where we stand on time used.


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Re: Detailed Client Reports

I don't think it's necessary to provide the details to them, especially for how frequently you talk. I would certainly keep the detailed time log on file for yourself though, just in case they raise any questions or want to see the breakdown of how you spent your time in the future.


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Re: Detailed Client Reports

I just wanted to add that my invoices at the end of each month list the date and time I worked plus general notes about what I worked on - I probably wouldn't respond well to a client asking for a daily or weekly report, that just takes too much time and is more of an employer/employee relationship. But I do want my clients to be able to see what I've been working on and where my time goes. It's useful for both of us so that we can keep an eye to ROI for certain tasks.


Re: Detailed Client Reports

I keep very specific time sheets for all of my clients and submit them with my invoice each month, most of my clients I bill monthly, a few are every two weeks.

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Re: Detailed Client Reports

Like Tess, my invoices summarize what has been completed for that specified period of time but not in great detail. If something I have worked on is special and out of the ordinary, I might detail a bit more in the description.

But for the most part, clients know what I am working on as the goals we set prior to signing the contract spell that out.

My regular communication throughout the month also gives the client an idea of what has been accomplished.