Do you charge for mileage?

Hi....Does anybody charge clients for miles driven to complete tasks on client's behalf? Do you also charge them for your time while running the errand in addition to the mileage reimbursement charge?



Re: Mileage

I definitely charge my clients for my time while I run errands on their behalf. Why wouldn't I? I am doing business for them. I don't charge them for miles. I save that for my yearly expense report.
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I try and do most of my work from my house but I have one client I do a ton of crazy things for (he's a custom home builder) and I charge him from the minute I leave my house to the minute I get back home.

He's fine with that, he said he's hired people in the past to "try" and do the things I'm doing and they'd all stop for coffee, texting, lunch, a visit with friends, etc. Even though he is paying me a lot more per hour for those things he is thrilled that he doesn't have to worry if they will be done, I do them in half the time, and I'm smart so I don't need my hand held - I figure things out when they go south and fix them without bothering him. We are both happy!