Disaster Preparedness


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Do any of you have a plan in place in the event of a loss or damage to your computer and your files? If so, what is your plan? I'm developing my policies and procedures for my business and need some ideas for disaster preparedness. Thank you!
I ALWAYS have a backup of everything, from contracts to client billing to scanned-in documents and more, on cd's which I keep in our bank's safe deposit box. I do my best to update them once every 2 months or so. In the case of a tornado warning (I live in Tornado Alley) I take my laptop down to the basement so it doesn't get a flying lesson.

Take pictures and record the serial numbers of your office equipment (really you should do that with everything) in case God forbid you have a fire or get broken into. Someone stole my entire computer hard drive, and while thankfully we didn't have any client info on there, we didn't have a photo and a serial number either. Not only did we have to run all over town to take pics of replacements, the insurance company couldn't give us full reimbursement. Put that in a safe place as well.
I'm also thinking about getting one of those terabyte jump drives. I think it will hold an entire hard drive.
If your state allows, see if your homeowners or renters insurance will add special coverage to any of your office equipment.
Hope that helps a little.


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My Mac backups up to a hard drive constantly. I also back up important things to an offsite backup. I know people that back up important files to dropbox, icloud, Google Docs or what not (depends on what and how much you need to back up).


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I am a huge proponent of cloud storage. Where many people worry about its security aspects, I don't. I believe I have been using DrobBox since its inception, and haven't experienced one single issue. I also have a One Drive cloud account and a 2TB external hard drive that I use to backup my entire PC and laptop harddrives.

Although I recently read that when backing up your hard drive, copying the entire drive isn't necessary (only the important parts), I am yet to do that.


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I use the cloud mostly for all my files. Here is my plan:

  • Files are housed in Dropbox (paid account) as well as backed up to an external hard drive.
  • Passwords, software licenses and client details are kept in LastPass (paid account).
  • Email is done through Google Apps, which is backed up monthly.

Some other things I do.

I have my iMac mirrored onto my Macbook, so that is something happens to one; I have working copies of everything. That and the fact I travel, so I have everything handy when I need it.

In addition to my DSL, I keep hotspot activated on my phone. This way if my internet ever goes down I can connect when needed. This is also great for when I travel.

I have a Google Voice number so no matter where I am I can send and receive calls from my computer or any phone.

When I purchase hardware or equipment, I take a picture of the serial number, model, etc. and put in a Dropbox folder.

I try to be paperless so everything important I have gets scanned if a digital copy is not available.

I videotaped all the items in my office and home (and took pictures), especially of the big ticket items. This is more for insurance reasons. This was I have the proof I need of the item and condition and don't have to try and figure out what I have in the event of an emergency. I have a friend who lost everything in a fire and had done that. She said what a godsend it was when she needed to list everything she lost and was not thinking clearly.

Yes, it might me a little over the top but as much as we move and travel, it has made life very simple.
I think it would be a great idea to keep a flash drive with all important data bases and info stored (and updated weekly) incase of emergencies