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Regularly, do you have clients sign contracts before starting work?

Does anyone have like a pro vs con list on creating a contract?

How long/what do these documents look like?


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I do use an agreement but I've drilled it down so it's short and sweet but still covers the points I feel are important.


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I use a contract for every client I work with. I never start a project without one. My contract was started from a template and I added business (project) specific language and terms. Then I had my attorney review it to see what I may have missed and that is what I now use for all new projects.

I use a service agreement, as well. I actually don't see any pros for working without one. A contract is a great place to outline the services you will provide and the expectations of both throughout the course of the working relationship (payments, confidentiality, etc).


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Yes, yes, and yes! I use a (very) pared down version of one of the contracts we sell in the Contracts Pack in the store - but I still include everything from info on my rates, rush requests, availability, policies on phone calls, explanation of how a retainer will work (or hourly if they're not on retainer) and any information about deposits, what I need from the client to get started, and a BIG thank you for signing with me :)
Hi, Signing a contract or an agreement is

very important on every client that you

will be working with because it will

determine your work scope, the rules and

guidelines. It is also important for some

legal matters. The contracts will also

provide the do's and don't during your

working time with them.

Mariane Lacaba(Elitework)