contracted VA bringing in a client


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I dont post a whole lot but I do lurk occasionally :) My biz is booming and I am looking for a few answers to these questions:

- I have brought in 2 VA's PT and 1 FT that are being 1099'd. The FT VA has brought in a potential client I am meeting with tomorrow. How do I go about compensating her for this? A flat rate referral fee?

- What about a contract between the 1099 VA and me to protect my business of taking the client and running?

- What if at some point he wants to use only her and not go direct through me? Obviously, my fee is higher because he has access to my resources and billing, etc.

In addition, i am looking at somehow transferring all of my timesheets and tracking from Excel to a better program. Any recommendations?

I need to:
- bill by the minute
- assign tasks per client
- send out invoices
- allow other VA's to post their time to a client/task
- allow the client to log in to see progress


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Hi Jessica,

You may want to take a look at Teamwork Project Management for your billing, assigning tasks, invoicing and client log in.


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Hi Jessica, I'd recommend posting a sep. thread about the software/Excel question...

Regarding the relationship between you and your 1099 VA - do you already have a contract in place with her? Doesn't it stipulate that she can't approach your clients already?

If not, you definitely need to get an agreement with all of your subs worked out and it should spell out what is expected in terms of how she interacts with your clients.

While you're at it, be sure to include a clause that stipulates how much the referral compensation is for VAs who bring new contracts to you.

Regarding the referral to your company - I'd (personally) treat this as a special case - considering that she didn't keep the client for herself this shows a lot of loyalty to you and her position as a contractor for your company. While I'm not sure what the value of this client will be over the course of the relationship (and you can never really know that) I'd take this into account when creating the referral clause - maybe for a case like this you give her a thank you fee and then 2% of the client's invoices for the life of the client.
This incentivizes her to stay loyal and may inspire her to bring in additional new contracts for you.