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Hello fellow VA's,

I am looking for some assistance, and I can't seem to find anything within the pages.

I am a Land Administrator, and my main target demographic is Energy Companies. Now, most energy companies have not yet wrapped their heads around the idea of 'virtual', however I would like to address this with very specific energy companies, and in the process solicit my business, and acquire some work.

I have experience and training in this field, and my services specific to Land are services that are 'traditionally' offered by a Land Broker, and as far as I know, there are only a few of us in this province who run this service fromt heir home offices.

So I basically want to present this service to key personnel of these energy companies when I go down to Alberta's Energy hub in a few weeks. But, I want to send them away with something tangible back to their offices with them. What do you suggest I include in my 'marketing' package.

Looking for some thoughts/feedback.

Thank you.
You want to sell your value and the benefits of working with you as opposed to someone who does your work as an FTE. Point out your special qualifications for the niche you have selected.

You can do this in a brochure or flyer and direct them to your website.


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There are so many ways to make presentations and send info to a client. CD presentation are also really big right now- and I contracted on-site at a company that actually scheduled virtual meetings to save money and teleconferenced with their clients. The positioned that as a win to the client and a cost savings to corporation.