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I would like to offer the service of calling scheduled appointments for doctor's offices. Our eye doctor charges $35 if you miss an appointment yet they do not give a reminder call. Although I think this is a bit shady, it may just be that they have not figured out yet that a reminder call would decrease their number of missed appointments. A $90 appointment is far more valuable than a $35 missed appointment fee especially when you look at future business from a happy client.

Does anyone offer this service? What do you call it and how do you charge?


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Great idea. I don't know of anyone who does reminders for doctors but you could always be the first.


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I think it's a great idea. Not only are you saving the patients the $35 fee but you're also making their calandar more stable if you're confirming everyone for them. No point of going by a calandar if things are not confirmed. You're planning your day around it and you don't even know who may or may not show. And you could also fit a new client in that cancelled spot. Great idea!
Its definitely a good idea Jenifer! I work a part-time JOB for a dentist and we always confirm the next days appointments. 95% of no-shows are the ones that don't receive a reminder call. Its hard to keep track of all your appointments these days when your booking them so far in advance.


It's always helpful to me! Your services would definitely be a profit to the office!:applause:


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