Question Company Tag Line / Motto

VN Linda

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Hi There,

Im trying to get my head in the zone for coming up with company tag line / motto and to be honest i am coming up blank. Can someone please give me tips on how to think is it better to make it about our services offered or aim it at the client and how it will help them ?

So far I have really poor option:

Together we will strengthen your business

Virtually Improving your business

am i at least on the right path with this thinking?

All Feed back greatly welcomed thank you

Hi Linda and welcome to the VA world! I strongly recommend your tagline to be descriptive of a benefit for the client. Think: What is it that your ideal client would get out of doing business with you?
Hope this helps!

VN Linda

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Thanks Bridget I sat for some hours yesterday evening working on ideas and came to the same conclusion as the hours passed it makes much more sense to get across what we can do to benefit the client so now patiently waiting on my business partner having some time to go over what i have come up with