Client wants me to have own company email address?


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Hi everyone, just a quick question. How do you deal with clients that want you to have their own company email address of which you carry out all the work from?

Is this ok for a VA looking to build a business?

It doesn't sound right to me as it makes it seem like you are an employee?

Would be great to hear what you think


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I use both a client's email address as well as my own address. It depends on what the client prefers.

My signature for my client varies as well.

If I am responding as myself, my signature is about my business and within the context of the letter I will state who I am and the purpose I serve responding for my client.

If I am responding using an email address issued by the client, my signature indicates that I am from my own company representing my client.

Most times, though I use a combination of both. I use my own email address, title and indicate in the text who I am and that I am responding for my client.



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When you're working on behalf of your clients with their clients or colleagues it's standard practice to communicate under the umbrella of the client's company. Think of it as extending your client's brand through all the work you do with them.

When you're working with a client your focus is the client's business - not your own...

I always ask for a branded email to use on behalf of each client - aside from making things seamless for the client's business world it helps me keep communications and tasks related to each client better organized. If all of the emails for every one of my clients (and everything and everyone related to their business) landed in my own email I think it would be a logistical nightmare! :)

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I have done something similar for an individual that I work with. Occasionally, she wants me to send out e-mails for her. She didn't want me to use her personal e-mail or my business e-mail, so I set up a gmail account specifically to use for her in those situations with her name.