Client didn't pay for work done!


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Hi fellow VAs! I need advice!
I am fortunate that this has not happened to me. But I have a client and HER client has not paid their invoice. My client is an RE professional and did the appraisal for a private individual, and even after accepting certified letter her client won't pay (he was not happy at outcome of appraisal report) and he is several months past due. Her client (and mine) are in Westchester NY. Is this a small claims action? She wants me to handle this...Is there a way to do so online?


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I'm not sure how to do it online but I use to own a business and I've been to small claims court collecting from deadbeats. It was a simple process and I'd always win. You could try a collection agency but people that don't pay a bill are not always inclined to pay an agency either. But it does affect their credit if they don't. I never went that route, I always did the court thing.

You could call the clerk or Friend of the Court in that county and ask what the procedure is.


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I believe that you can go online and look at the process for NY. I had a client who had to collect a debt there once and if I recall it was pretty simple to do. However I would send a collection letter first. Sometimes when it comes from someone else then it hols more weight.

You may advise your client to never give the final product until the invoice is paid. Here in PA you cannot get an appraisal report unless you pay up front. Flipping houses the staple upfront costs were the appraisal and inspections reports.


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great advice about not giving final product until invoice is paid. I am going to make sure I put that in my contract so if legal action needs to be taken it is in writing.