Choosing a domain: true name or biz name?


Hey all. Me again :)

I'm semi-certain this is the board on which I should be posting this thread. In any case, I'm finally making steps towards building my website behind-the-scenes while I'm still getting clientele as a freelancer. Now I'm looking into buying a domain so I can hook up my WP to my FTP and start playing with themes.

My question: is it better to use my name as the domain or the business name? (if it's the latter, then I also need to fully decide on that :laugh3:)

Any input's appreciated. Thanks :)
Great Question Yanii! Does your business name reflect the types of services that your will be providing? Will sell any items or write any books in the future? If the answer is yes to the latter then get a domain name with your true name. You never know what the future holds for you


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You'll have to decide. I actually didn't want my business name to be my name because I didn't think the name coveys what I do, however My Daily VA does. So I landed with that. Its short, easy to understand, and relevant. Some people name it after themselves just to make it easier, but I wouldn't do that if your name was uncommon or hard to spell because that's just going to cause a lot of headaches for you and PC.

I would say come up with reasons you want to have a business name or just use your name. You can check out a few directories to see what other virtual assistants have been doing. From what I've observed, it's pretty common to name your business something other than your name. And I think naming something after you means YOU are the brand. Like a life coach, speaker, author etc.
Hi Aiyana,

In my case, I chose to use my business name instead of my own name. Since I will be providing virtual business services, it's still generic enough for me to change the services I provide without a problem. I agree with Christheva that your own name might be good if you are providing coaching services, etc. I'd say if you plan to name your business after your own name, then use that - but if you plan to have a business name, I would use that instead of your own name. Just my 2 cents.


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Really this is a personal choice. I started out as my business name but migrated to my given name. Why? Because that's how I am recognized and introduced. You can have both, which I do now.

I know many VA's who started with their business names and as they evolve have changed or rebranded. So while you need to make a smart choice you are not always stuck with it.

Be sure that the URL makes sense for your business name and branding. Follow the general rules: easy to say, easy to remember and easy to recognize.


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Loved everybody's thoughts here. Deciding on the name of my business drove me crazy and for me it got down to I'm selling me...And so I'm Udlock Virtual...Because I'm the one someone gets when they use my services.

And there are amazing women entrepreneurs in this group that have names that are not their personal names - just like Lee said. So it is up to you. What rings true for you?

my 2 cents,