Charging for phone calls

Oh and Kathy, there are several options for conference calling - which I like to avoid because the way they profit is unscrupulous, skype, or gotomeeting free ( I like gotomeeting because there is a mobile app so it is completely free even if one of the people is not near a computer.


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Hi Genevieve,

I almost lost a client over this issue. Since I hadn't specifically stated that this time was billable in my contract, she challenged it. ~gasp! It never occured to me that someone would think this time is not billable! I had five hours of call time that she refused to pay for, so I fired her. ~lol.
I didn't know I should NOT charge for phone time with them. I've always charged that. Anything that pertains to work for them I charge for. I've never had anyone question it. I do turn off the clock if it goes into "chit chat" but keep the "chit chat" SHORT. :)


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My husband is an artist and works with car builders doing automotive renderings and design. He has started charging for phone time because these guys just wanted to shoot the breeze with him about their cars (past and present) and could not stay focused on the project they need my husband for. He was wasting so much time with these guys!