Question Can I offer Notary Services as a Virtual Assistant?

Sade J King

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I just received my appointment as a Florida notary & I was wondering if I could offer notary services as a Virtual Assistant. I was just curious & I would be willing to do some traveling around Florida to do it. I was just wondering if I could offer it as a part of my business services.


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Yes of course but you can't notarize virtually as I'm sure you know. I offer my NY notary services under my Business, Executive and Administrative Support Services category for NYC only. Notaries that travel around are usually called Mobile Notaries and they charge whatever the legal limit is per signature in their state, plus a travel fee that I usually see averages about $40.


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Absolutely! As Paulette noted, you can't notarize virtually. As long as you uphold the code of conduct and notarize responsibly.

My husband and I are not only mobile notaries but my husband is also a registered signing agent for Missouri.

If you have at least some knowledge of real estate and don't mind going into strangers' houses usually in the evenings, Registered Signing Agent might be something to consider. The money is great and the field is booming, but it involves a lot of travel and knowing where all the FedEx and UPS drop boxes are and what time they close. It also requires strict attention to detail (you will be working with a lot of government forms) and working against tight deadlines. RSA is definitely the most lucrative side of our business (so far). Again, it depends on your state.

Actually, you may be able to become an E-notary as part of your service. You would have the authority to notarize docs online. Again, it depends on the state. The startup costs are huge, at least they are in North Carolina, so it really isn't worth the effort unless you plan to notarize a lot of documents online.

If you're not a member of NNA (National Notaries' Association) I highly recommend you become one.