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Hope all is well with everyone...

I think I have decided on a business name....I was going to go with either the "KidsterKeeper" or "KidsterKaretaker."

My niche is in the Education field and Administrative.

I want to have a business where I can provide Administrative and Concierge services. I am a former teacher and also have working as an Admin. Asst. I'd like to focus on helping parents with their kids when they need someone to watch them, whether it would be as a temporary nanny or helping out with homework or tutoring.

I also want to work the Administrative side as well. Maybe help out schools, professors, or anyone that deals with early childhood education.

I absolutely love children but don't want to teach in the classroom any more.

Should I stick with either the first two business names above, or I was thinking of this one:


That way if I want to change my business name where I may not be going out in the community and helping kids one on one I could change it to "ClickitPro" or something like that.

Thanks in advance.....This has been a very long process for me.....I think I think way TOO much about stuff.
Was hoping someone else would jump in here first, but those are two separate businesses and I don't think you should be trying to cram them under one name.

Other people will jump in with their suggestions, but mine is that you come up with something less... odd for the admin business; a name that tells people that you specialize in providing administrative help to educators.

Then you can go nuts with the name for the nanny/tutoring business.
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Thanks Karen for your reply....

I really don't want 2 separate businesses. I want to combine them into one when some of the time I am doing the Administrative work and other times I am helping out with children. I have posted here before and some people have told me that it's doable.

I am just having a hard time coming up with a business name.

**In my opinion, there are too many Virtual Assistant websites that just cater to general Administrative help for business owners. That is not what I want to cater to. I want to use my Education background with my Administrative background and come up with a business.**

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I believe the first two options will just lead people to believe that you are a nanny or babysitter only (KidsterKeeper or KidsterKaretaker).

I think the other name (ClickkidPro) is lost on me because I don't have children and I'm not in education so I don't get what it refers to. So this name might be totally appropriate and it's just lost on me. Sorry!

What if you did something more along the lines of Education Aide or Education Assistant in your business name? I was thinking that if you are offering nanny services, you would want to tie in the tutoring so your pitch is really the education side with the nanny aspect in the background. Then if you are pitching to a school, professor, teacher, etc., an Education Aide is more descriptive.

You could also try doing a free business name generator search on using the words you most want in your business name.

Picking a business name is very hard because there is so much to consider. I know I spent weeks on it.

Best of luck!


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My initial impression of the names is they are hard to say, but I like the idea behind them. I also would be thinking more along the lines of nanny services through the name choices and less of any sort of administrative services you may offer. Have you thought of any more names or narrowed it down?
Hi Debbie, Maybe you should go for other

alternative name that will catch everyones

attention, Try to be more specific on what

you are offering so the clients won't be

confuse on your business name. Be more

creative. Good Luck

Mariane Lacaba(Elitework)


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Did you decide on a name, Debbie? The name ClickkidPro made me think of a new safety belt product for kids, like for car seats.


Thanks everyone. No, I haven't yet. I am now working FT. When things calm down with my job, I will have more time to get my website finished.