Question Business name issue


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I am about to rebrand cause I've just taking the step to be a VA!

In February I started Jeanette's Design. My focus was Brand and Graphic Design, but I have changed the path a little and feel I need a new name.

So I could need some help to figure out what my new business name should be.
I am starting out to offer Social Media Management and to assist in a few things that the business owner could need help with, it can be email management, newsletters, organize the inbox, scheduling clients and sending invoices.
I would like to include my name, or Jia which is my nickname:) But you know, to only use my whole name doesn't say anything right?!

Any name experts in here?:think:


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Let us know what options you're playing around with and maybe someone can help you find the right fit!


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If you don't mind spending a little money you might want to check into a site called Squadhelp. You can have what they call a contest (its a form of crowd sourcing) you describe what you are looking for in your name, what you like and don't like, similar to your post above and you will receive all kinds of ideas from contestants.

They also have contests for taglines/slogans, logos & design, and a Twitter name, just to name a few of the contests you can have.

Good luck in finding a new name!
Hi Jeanette, How is the business going?

hope you land a good name on it. Social

media management is a very interesting job

and also being a SEO is a fun thing to do,I

hope you are on a good track wishing you

for more sucess.