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Hi there! When I was first getting started setting up my virtual assistant business I was just going to use my name - Kari Howard. But that just seems a little bit plain. I plan on working with online creatives who have blogs, shops and graphic design business who need assistance in administrative and creative tasks. These are some options I have thought of, what do you think? It's all basically the same gist just worded slightly different.

Virtually Creative Consulting
Virtual Creative Consulting
Virutally Creative Services
Virtual Creative Services

Thank you!

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Hi Kari,
Congrats on starting your VA Business. I like the 2nd one "Virtual Creative Consulting". The other two that have "Services" at the end sound like you are the one providing Creative Services rather than being the one who works with the online creators.

What about Creative Virtual Consulting? Or think outside the box a little more to show your creative side for the creative types you will be working with. :)


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Hi Kari! I've watched a LOT of these branding and business naming conversations over the years and I can tell you that if your first instinct is to use your own name for your business, then DO IT! Later on, if and when you want to shift gears (which so many VAs experience) it'll be easier.
You can always include the Virtual Creative Services as a tack-on

Kari Howard Virtual Creative Services

Just a suggestion!


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That is an awesome idea Tess. I was struggling with my business name for a LONG time. It wasn't until I met up with two other members for coffee a couple weeks ago, that I decided on the name. I had just been marketing myself more so than my business up until then (because I had no name). with that said, during my discussion with Paulette and Aurora Muse, they encouraged me to go with my gut and I bounced some ideas off of them and finally decided on one (the very first one I really wanted to go with before second guessing myself). So Kari, Tess is absolutely right IMO, go with your gut and include your name esp. if you choose to change your focus area or expand. Good Luck! :)