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Anesha Allen

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Hello all,

I was hoping to get some feedback on my business name and tagline. I am finally making major moves to launch this year and I am SUPER EXCITED (and nervous). My target audience is creative individuals and small businesses.

The business name I've chosen is Right Brain Virtual Assistance and my tagline is Taking care of (or Handling) your left brain tasks so you can focus on your right brain success.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks so much everyone!

P.S. I was looking for information on welcome packages. I did a search and "welcome" is too common I guess so I didn't find any results. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be very helpful. I don't want to create another thread if there is one already.

Thanks again!!


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Good morning.

Glad you were able to find the welcome packages information.

I just wanted to check in to see if you had launched your business yet.

By the way I love your business name. Did you ever decide on which tagline you wanted to use?

The Perfect Word

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Hi Anesha. Just thought I'll throw this out there. I'm one of those people who has no idea what the "right brain" does and what the "left brain" does. If I am in the minority, that's good. But if there are potential clients out there who don't know anything about the right brain/left brain thing, it might be confusing for them. I'm not trying to throw cold water on your idea, just something to think about!

Anesha Allen

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Thank you Tricia and Pam for your responses.

I haven't launched yet. I'm currently working on putting together my contract and tweaking my policies and procedures. I really like my business name too, but Pam has a point in potential clients not necessarily knowing the difference between right brain and left brain characteristics. I'm thinking, maybe I can incorporate a bit a hint within my tagline? Maybe: Taking care of your left brain tasks so you can focus on your creative business success. I don't know. Seems a bit wordy. I've got some more thinking to do lol!

Thanks again ladies :)


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Hi Anesha! I really like your business name.
Also, I was thinking that your tagline would work great with a word "balance"? I don't know.
Balancing your creativity with our... something?
*me being my usual not helpful self*