Business Card Scanner?

Does anyone use a really good business card scanner? How long does it take to process one card? I have a few clients that are interested in me updating 100 of business cards into their data systems and I"m wondering if there are good card machines out there? I know there are phone apps but they were not pleased with phone apps.



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What immediately comes to mind when I think of business card scanning is NeatReceipts, which seems to be a nifty little scanner that could be used for more than just scanning. Would they be purchasing the machine for you to do the scanning at home on site?


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That's awesome to know about Evernote + Mailchimp.

If you are looking for a physical scanner than NeatReceipt is the only one I'm familiar with. But it seems rather expensive and didn't always get great reviews on amazon.

I wonder which apps your clients tried.
When I did researched something similar apps for a client I found quite a few.

Maybe an app that does not use OCR (Optical character recognition) might be a better fit for them.
When doing my research I found that shoebox offers scanning solution for business cards. Where the photo gets sent to them and then someone manually enters the information (which means less chances of mistakes).

Full Contact is also not OCR and I liked the CRM setup/features (I know you said your clients already have a system but in case your clients are looking to do this often it might come in handy, so I mentioned it anyway)

Then there are the OCR ones I had found - mostly using a camera phone. CamCard was the most recommended. Perhaps the apps your clients tried wasn't one of the best ones. Here are the ones I found in case it helps at all, with some research information listed.
CamCard - (4 stars on apple)
Free Version / 2.99 full / $7.99
-This one showed up on the top of many review sites and came recommended from a few members of the groups I am in.
-Great interface, accurate (brightens the exposure & improved biz card alignment in photo that helps)
-some trouble w/ scanning like '&' becomes '8s' sometimes but easy to edit (and many OCR's have this issue)
-you can scan lots of cards and add them to your contacts at once. (rather than doing it separately)
- easy/smart management, can add notes, set reminders, quickly search, tag and share cards. (which is similar to the CRM functions you wanted)
-Syncs on phones, tablets and web in realtime
-16 language support
-Gives notifications when a person switches companies/get promoted/etc (not sure how it does this)
-Can exchange ecards with others

WorldCard - 4.5 stars on apple (4+ on android market) - $6.99
Named Best Mobile App OCR by 2010 MOBI Awards, ranked #1 Appworld,
Transfers cards to users contacts.
Can merge info with existing clients
Find contacts on FB, Twitter, LI
->Says it saves to phone or VCF
-> says you can share easily but doesn't mention automatic syncing
-can sync with google contacts, which might work for your needs

ABBY Business Card Reader - 3.5 stars on itunes - $4.99-$89
-able to handle other languages
-syncs across mobile devices
-highlights unrecognized characters and zooms into photo for easy viewing while editing
-backs up contacts in itunes

Best of luck


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I do see that you can set Mailchimp to send notes to Evernote. I do not see where you can send items from Evernote to Mailchimp. I love the business card scanner in Evernote and it would be awesome if you could integrate it with something like Mailchimp. If anyone hears of a way I would love to know. If I find anything I will definitely post it here. :thumbsup: