Question Booking Travel without Client Credit Card?


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Hi, I am new to the VA world but I have been working in office settings for over 15 years. I am slowly starting to get clients but I have now had two inquiries asking how I can book their travel without them giving out their personal credit card information - I don't have an answer to this?

How do you work for a client booking their travel without them giving out their credit card information? Is there a way?

I've also been asked how I can manage their emails without them giving me their password, again I'm so used to the corporate world where IT sets this up so I'm not sure how to transfer this into the VA world. So far my clients have been ok with giving me passwords. Any help/advice would be great!!

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As far as passwords - your clients should provide you with a list that can continued to be updated as necessary. Google is great for shared documents such as this.

Travel - a company card should be utilized. If they are not comfortable you can create the account(s) and set up the travel arrangements then email info in order for the credit card to be plugged in.

Hope that helps!

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Travel is booked by credit card. I can not think of any other way. As Pam suggested, ask the client to open a company card for your use. If there is some reason that is uncomfortable, you can draw up a confidentiality agreement, if one has not been done already. This may assure the client that you will safeguard all financial information.

If they use a specific airline or hotel chain, the credit card can be stored online in the travel site. It is encrypted so you can use it over and over. You can ask the client to input the card if they choose that way you are not handling card numbers.

You will need passwords to access email accounts. You can set up a Last Pass account with a password that you and the client can share. Then when you need to access the accounts, you can access the passwords. If the client changes the passwords, they can do so on their own and you will have the most current passwords.

I've never had that issue. There is no way around doing travel arrangements without a credit card. My clients order a company credit card in my name so that I can utilize that on their behalf.

I do have NDA's and Contracts in place and you can include some terms around the use of their card that might make them feel better.


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I also have never ran into a problem.

Normally I am with the client for a while before they start asking me to book travel arrangements.

They will get to the point where they trust you and it will not even be an issue.