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Hello girls/guys,

I'm looking for some support since I'm a bit nervous. I am going to my first big networking event put on my my local score chapeter, it should be a great crowd tonight and it is all about networking.
I have have business cards, brochures and postcards should I take them all?

Also I'm looking for encouragement, feedback and a great elevator speech ideas. I hope to find my first client tonight wish me luck!
I will posting feedback on the event tomorrow.

Thanks all,


I would definitely take business cards. Have them in your pocket ready to give to those you talk to. As far as advice, don't try to talk to everyone. Pick out a few people and introduce yourself. And remember that they want to talk about them, not you. So don't be too overpowering. And don't forget to follow up tomorrow. Send an email saying how nice it was to talk to them.

Good luck!


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Yes to business card and the great thing about being a woman at these events is that you can put other promotional items in your purse and see if others are using them too. I just wrote a book on face to face networking.

Don't go into this with the idea of "sell, sell, sell." Go in to make new connections, meet new people, find out what they do, think about if you have something you can help them with. And by that I don't mean, "hire me and I'll help you." I listen to what they are saying and see what I can offer.

A few weeks ago at a networking event I heard someone say their office cleaner had quit. I asked for his business card, said I knew of a good company, and that I'd email him tomorrow with their info. So I not only helped him with his cleaning problem but I got his card and we have email going back and forth now.

I found my own tax person this way, mentioned it to a few people I was talking too and they recommended a few people to me. Use a soft sell, try and really listen to people, don't just pass out cards, get their cards and follow up with them the next day!

Although I'm finally getting some customers via social media, the bulk of my clients have come from in person networking.


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I think you're on the right track. Definitely have business cards. One of the things I've learned is that it's more valuable to have a few good conversations with people you can click with than tons of conversations that feel rushed. Focus on building relationships with people you can get along with. If you're an introvert, take short breaks. This helps me a lot. :) Good luck!


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It went better than expected. I was initially nervous, but I must say it was a friendly crowd. I made a few really good connections.
I did as you guys suggested, I didn’t try talking with everyone or even getting everyone’s card, but the people that I did speak with I felt we made a connection.

I will be sending out my follow-up email today, I hoping I get my first client. I feel a bit more confident now going to these events.

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions you have given me. I really love this forum.