Anyone Have A Retainer Contract or Addendum?

I have a current client whom I did a small job recently and was quite happy. From the sound of our conversation today he might have a LOT more work for me, many project related.

I never had the need to do a retainer and discount agreement, but now it looks like it would wise and beneficial for both parties.

Does anyone have a template of a retainer contract only (I already have a contract of services), or an addendum that I can attach?



I am also looking for a sample of a Retainer contract. I looked in the Document library but I did not see anything stating it was a retainer contract. Am I blind and just did not see it. I just might not have had enough cafeine yet.

Sorry for the stupid question
I am new to the VA business and am also looking for a retainer sample agreement. I am in the process of developing my website so I am brand new. I've created business cards and secured my domain name. I will say I sent a few emails to attorneys as I am a legal virtual assistant, even though I was initially concerned about unsolicitied solicitation. However, I took the chance and am waiting on a bite. I look forward to contributing to the Virtual Assistant Forum shortly. Any advise on how to create a retainer agreement will be helpful. Thank you.


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Thanks! I'm working up to being able to view the Document Library that seems to have a TON of information. I'm new to the VA world and just getting my business up and running.


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I have built into my contract 3 different methods for a client to choose. Hourly Rate, Retainer, or per Project (I only offer per project on a limited basis). I discuss each option with a client, decide on the best method, check that box on the contact, and send to the client for signature.



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Great request, but unfortunately I just signed in today so I can't see the contracts yet. In the meantime, it's great to see everyone is so helpful here.


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Hi there, i'm new to this forum and I do use a simple retainer contract. I do webdesign, marketing, graphic design and everything else clients need, so my retainer contracts mostly talk about hours and rates. My biggest issue is tracking my time, I stink at it!


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I like the idea of using a checkbox for services in the contract. More simpler and easier than having more than one contract. Thanks for that idea, Julie.


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A retainer agreement is a good idea for a client that you will be doing a long term project with. I am looking forward to being able to access the document library (need 50 posts).


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Making a note to myself. I'm speaking to a prospective client today for whom I suspect I'll need a contract addendum should we decide to work together.


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I am looking to see sample contracts as well. Working on it. It appears that creating a contract and you don't know exactly what to say or put in it is very difficult without assistance. At least I know where to look now. This forum is an excellent arena for VA's.


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Hello, everyone! I am working with a client who uses my services intermittently. She suggested that I have a master agreement (I do have a contract) with a statement of work so that she does not have to keep signing contracts every time she needs services. Does anyone know of a site that would have an example? Thanks!
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