Question Any Advice on finding successful networking events (or any specific recommendations)


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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on finding networking events for your industry/as a VA.

I live in New York, so I know there are plenty of options but I'm also nervous in being part of such a big city and I'm trying to figure out what to look for, where to look, etc. Any helpful tips/info would be greatly appreciated.
Even sharing what has/hasn't worked for you.

Personally I'd prefer some free/less expensive options for now as I get the hang of networking in person.

Thanks in advanced!


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Have you checked on for any events in your area? Usually, these are smaller events which can be less intimidating. As far as the VA industry, in some areas of the country VAs have local meetup groups through IVAA. Are you specifically looking to network with other VAs or possible clients?


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Hi Tamara,

I have actually checked and do plan to attend some, however, it's a bit tough figuring out which one(s) to start with.
I am primarily focused on networking with possible clients (and I do understand that part of it depends on who my ideal client is) however I am also up for networking with other VAs and am interesting in subcontracting so I will probably be doing both.


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Greetings Aurora,

I'm in MD & love networking events. I try to attend the Women in Business meetings around my area. I am a member of 2 chambers but you don't have to do that if you don't like. Many of the chambers have calendars of events. I just go through all of them, place a few of their events on my calendar and pay the non-member fee which is about $5 more. Bouncing around through all of them & doing follow ups with various members has worked greatly. Just recently I was asked to speak at on of their luncheons. Yay! I say attend any & all networking events & mixers.

One tip I absolutely have to give is: Follow up. Follow ups are what makes networking events successful. I didn't know that when I started. Take their card, email & call those people back. Get the one on one to share more information on each others business. That will give you the opportunity to position your business as a resource to the other person.

My second tip is: Master your 30sec & 60sec pitch. What comes out of your mouth first is what will make or break a lead.


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Hi Morgan, thanks for the tips.
That's awesome! I love how it worked out for you.

I am so glad have really become much better at following up in general now, I used to be horrible at it. When it came to new clients it was more along the thoughts of if they don't respond/contact you, they weren't interested, which is so not helpful.

Mastering my pitch is definitely something I am currently working on the perfect, thanks!! I'm hoping to find some more easy going events to practice on before I hit any big leagues.
How about finding Mom and Pop businesses and small businesses in your area and give them a flyer and your business card? You can also postal mail small businesses with your information.