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Is there a way to get an affiliate link for the store here? I have a ton of people asking me for contracts and things like that to purchase on a regular basis. I am debating whether to just be an affiliate or create some of my own stuff.

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Hi there - great question! We don't currently offer an affiliate program through the store because we do sell many non-VAF products and courses. However, we DO have a great affiliate program set up for the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook!

You can find more info on the program by clicking the link to this dedicated page (where we sell JUST the eBooik, not through the store) and scrolling to the very bottom - there you'll see a link for Affiliate Sign Up and another for Affiliate Sign In.

Thanks for your interest! We LOVE paying our affiliates their commissions! :) :) :)
Affiliates rec'v 25% of every sale.