4 Freelancer Questions Should Ask Before Accepting The Project


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Some freelancers grabbed a freelance job even if it’s far from their niche it is because they badly need it. There are cases where freelancers will not be able to finish it, or if finished the quality was compromised, and this will lead to ruining the freelancer’s online presence.

We have here four freelance questions you should ask before accepting the project, we hope these questions will guide you in choosing future projects.

1. Is the project inline to my niche?
Due to financial needs, some freelancers desperately accept jobs which are far from their niche, thus, the quality of your output is not that nice.

Before accepting a “freelance gig”, you need to consider the niche of the tasks if it’s inline to you or not because when you’re working on a gig aligned to you, you will easily finish that task with high-quality output, and delivering high-quality outputs can make you build a sustainable career.

2. Is the Project good for my portfolio?
Before accepting a project you need to decide whether the project is a good fit for you, or if it will make your portfolio outstanding because having related and great projects will make your portfolio nice and sellable to the clients.

Your portfolio shows your expertise and experiences as a freelancer. This is a guiding factor of the client whether you will be hired or not.

3. Is the pay worth it?
Negotiation plays an important role in having the right pay as a freelancer. If the client offers is quite lower, negotiate and if the client agrees, good for you but, when the client disagrees, find another client and wait until you find someone who understands and sees your worth.

Your pay depends on your experience, thus, when your newbie, it’s okay to start at a low rate. And, later on, when you have enough experience and expertise, negotiate and ask for an increase.

Always know your worth as a freelancer, never grab projects that offer a very low income.

4.) Can you finish the project on the allotted time?
Accepting more projects is an opportunity and sounds amazing, but make sure that you accept jobs that you can deliver on time because productivity and effectiveness depends on the time and effort you put into accomplishing it.

Some freelancers just accept many projects, however, the quality of their work suffers. You have to make sure that you have a lot of time before accepting more projects, as it will affect the quality of your outputs.

We hope you have learned a lot in this blog.

Finding new freelance opportunities is exciting, but you need to consider these questions and ask yourself before accepting any project. Choose the project which you think you can deliver exceptionally and which you think can help your freelancing career develop and grow at the same time.

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