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  1. HannahCollins

    Announcement An Efficient Virtual Assistant Service | Virtual PA New York

    At Virtual PA New York, we will provide you with a dedicated Personal Assistant who will work from a minimum of 2 hours – 8 hours per day, ensuring they meet all of your requirements. Our customers can select their dedicated Personal Assistant by going through our well-designed hiring process...
  2. HannahCollins

    Virtual Personal Assistant

    How Can A Virtual Personal Assistant Be of Great Help? Read the full article about virtual personal assistants.
  3. virtualpalondon

    Advantages of Virtual HR

    If you are one of those from a small organization or a start-up, there are a wide range of benefits attached with Virtual HR Managers. These are the following advantages: Cost-Effective Virtually Available Vast Knowledge Use Latest Technology
  4. HannahCollins

    Importance of Virtual Assistant

    To enhance your productivity and attain the required growth, you should allocate adequate hours for managing your activities that directly contribute to your organization’s bottom line. Availability of limited work hours per day makes the time a valuable component. A Virtual Personal Assistant...
  5. virtualpalondon

    Reasons why we need to hire online marketing agency

    As an entrepreneur, you can hire an Online Marketing Agency and get a customised marketing plan curated by expert branding professionals in the industry. Remember, only a proper implementation of the marketing tactics will help you reach your business goals. Some reasons behind hiring a...
  6. virtualpalondon

    Benefits of a Home Assistant for Your Home Based Business

    Home assistant London is one of the types of work that has risen out of the current advancement in correspondence and information technology, especially of the internet. Virtual Business Assistance gives chances to the career of experts who believe in working from their own home or private...
  7. A

    Anyone want virtual Assistant

    Hi my name is Aniket Khaire. i'm pursuing my Engineering Degree. i assure you that i will give my 100% to that project here is my fiverr link.
  8. T

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Chibi and I am the owner of Tychi Management Group I'm new to this site, I've been doing VA work for 6 mos now and I must say I absolutely love it! As many of you know it's a challenge getting out there and getting new clients but the hard work does and will payoff in the end. I...
  9. miasaunders

    Aloha from Hawaii!

    Hello everyone! My name is Mia Saunders and am new to the Virtual Assistant Forums. I live in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii with my fiancé and son. I am in the process of getting my new business started called Pacific Virtual Assistance here in Hawaii. Thank you for allowing me to...
  10. S

    Hello everyone, another new comer!

    Hello my name is Sarah Frech :seeya: and I have just started my real estate virtual assistant business about 4 weeks ago. I have worked in the real estate business as a licensed assistant for a prominent real estate team with Keller Williams Realty for the last 6 years. The team I worked for got...
  11. S

    Spreading the Good Word About Overseas Virtual Assistance

    Whenever I see those overseas 'outsourcing' companies charging $2 per hour for virtual assistance, or job posts on sites like or Odesk looking to hire for $1, I want to cringe. It's not that the services aren't valuable, it's just difficult to differentiate our services when it all...
  12. C

    Hello everyone!

    :thumbsup: I just got my job last December at Laptop Runner and my boss was the one who told about this forum and he said should try to join. It's really my first time to join a forum (I just lurk on some forums though) so I'm still learning how this works. Hope you guys could help me.