1. MsMnVA

    Question Tax Preparation

    Hello from Minnesota:seeya: For several years I've been doing virtual accounting/taxes for small businesses from my home office. I've been fine using QuickBooks, Turbo Tax, and H&R Block software. However, due to business growth, I need to look at other software options for doing taxes. Just...
  2. Ask Viki!

    Who pays the taxes?

    One of my sub's asked me about taxes, since I'm not her 'employer' I don't pay the taxes, I pay her flat rate or project fee and she is responsible for her taxes, otherwise I'll be considered her employer, correct? What is your opinion?
  3. E

    Different billing rates for different services?

    My first client is a bankruptcy attorney. We agreed that he would pay me @@ dollars for each bankruptcy rather than an hourly rate. I approached him last week about doing other VA services for him i.e. invoicing, following up on non paying clients, general organizing and some paralegal work...
  4. Michelle Mangen

    Tax deductions valuable resource

    If you want to learn more about tax deductions Sandy Botkin has got to be one of the most knowlegable people out there as he used to work for the IRS. You can see his material at and if you use coupon code "yva" you get a 10% discount on your order. I've been watching...
  5. D_Victoria_Virtual_Assistance

    Podcast Are You Ready for Tax Time? - Small Business Taxes

    Episode 12 of A Virtual Perception is here! Tax Season 2008 is here and Forum member Rebecka Melson of Virtual Business Services took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with me about tax preparation and financial management. The information she shared is valuable for new and veteran...
  6. Rebecka Melson

    Resource Downloadable Tax Organizer

    I uploaded some tax organizers to my website today, they are free to download. There is one specifically for small businesses which is super handy. *Feel free to post any questions here.