logo design

  1. Sue Reaume

    Question Logo Advice

    Hello everyone. My name is Sue and I am very excited! I decided that I am starting my own VA business. I am just in the start up stage and I am trying to think of a logo and branding my image. This is where I need some input from everyone. The name of my company is iGoVirtual Assistant...
  2. Aizamaltman

    Question Business name and Logo

    Hello, Would really appreciate some feedback, opinions, advice on my business name and logo. If it helps to know, my company services include but are not limited to: Administrative service, (perhaps, once I've figured out the best fitting answering/voice-mail system out there for my needs) on...
  3. A

    Question Feedback on Web Design Please

    I am finally getting around to having a more professional web presence. I would be grateful for any feedback on the design and layout before I embark on the arduous task of content. http://www.atmbusinessservices.co.uk/ Thanks in advance.