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    Vistaprint Reseller Program-any other VA tried it?

    I was thinking about all of the marketing that I could do for local businesses and am considering signing up to be a vistaprint reseller. As far as I can see it is an $80 membership paid annually. You get 40% off with lower shipping. This would save me from having to source everything and I...
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    Things got

    I have been lost in the rabbit hole of creating my website and social media profiles and blog...and connecting all the links so nothing dead ends. I am doing these tasks at the end of a regular 9 hour work day and working well into the night so I am absolutely brain dead. I can't even see it...
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    "Perfect" Linked In Profiles

    This is not an app but I found it helpful. I hope I am posting in the right spot. I'm a fan of a good overview and really liked the way these tips were presented on building a good Linked In profile. I'm very weak in this area.:
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    Is Google Plus Worth Maintaining?

    Is Google Plus worth maintaining? I set up a gmail for my company today. I have started creating dedicated social media profiles and I made a Google + profile to link to on my website. I just tried to set it up on HootSuite and somehow ended up with 2 Google Plus accounts on the same email. 1...
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    What Are Good Certifications To Have?

    I am still in the start up mode of my business and have zero credentials. I may be able to get references from previous employers, but I do not have a college degree to back me up. My plan to is to find legitimate and well regarded certification programs in different areas to pursue over time...
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    Hello From Kentucky!

    Hello! I would like to take a moment to thank all of the forum members for being so willing to share so much helpful information and encourage newbies in the profession. The level of professionalism, courtesy, and genuine friendliness I have seen so far makes me want to be involved in the VA...