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    Tiki Toki

    I was reading some post on Twitter and came across this neat and useful tool. It makes sharing your timelines with you clients a little more creative and "fancy". CAn't wait to use it myself and hope everyone enjoys it!!
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    New to blogging

    Hello Everyone! I was wondering, if I start my VA Blog... do I only write about business?? Or can I add posts about current events, daily life or "fun" topics?? I don't want it to look unprofessional. Thank you for any advice!
  3. J

    Hello from Raleigh, NC!!

    I am so glad to find a community where I can learn and also share my knowledge. I just started my own business ~ JYG Virtual Assistant ~ and also work part time as an Administrative Assistant. I hope to share lots accomplishments with my fellow VA's!! :juggle: Jessica...
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    Translation Services

    HELLO!!! I just started my VA business and I have Translations as a service. What I really want to focus on is on providing bilingual services to small business and independent professionals and entrepreneurs. I thought that if I offered translations it will help connect with clients needing...
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    Can you please review my site?

    I just launched my business and my web site.... I will like for feedback from my peers. I've been looking at it every day and I think it will be good to have another set of eyes. I know this is a work in progress and any good advice will be appreciated!! Thanks so much! Jessica...
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    I was reading the post in a previous thread about Craigslist and even though there were a lot of mix feelings I thought I will try it. My only questions is where do I post my ad? Under Services? Thanks for any advices! Jessica
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    Niche vs. Target Market

    Hi Everyone! I just started my VA business and I have been reading a lot of your posts about finding your niche. I have also read a lot about establishing your target market. My question is how is the best way to narrow down who you want to target....??? Thank you Jessica