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  1. MichellePT

    Hi from the UK!

    Congratulations on your new venture & Welcome to the Club Jo! I'm a newbie as well, but unlike you I'm running before I walk! Here's to both our success whatever we move forward! Take care! - Michelle
  2. MichellePT

    Question Working in multiple states... do I need a business lic for every city, county, state I work in?

    I believe you just need to have a business license in your own state, BUT having to do with Law, you may want to check since there may be different Paralegal "rules" (I can't think of the right word now) in different states.
  3. MichellePT

    Question Trying to decide on a name???

    It's all about Branding. It could also be what sets you apart in a very good way! It's got a great ring to it, if you're happy with it, I'd go for it!
  4. MichellePT

    Hello from Illinois!

    Hey Lisa, I'm in IL too. Western suburbs of Chicago. Are you close or another area of IL. Would love to connect to fellow VAs. Let me know. - Michelle
  5. MichellePT

    Business around work schedule

    Suzanna, what "Appointment Scheduler" would you recommend? Does it go on your website? Thank you for your reply. - Michelle
  6. MichellePT

    VA companies to work for?

    Just getting started and want to get the ball rolling. Do you know where I'd find a list of VA companies to work with? Have you ever heard of Freeeup? Anyone need any help? I work well in the background and would like to start making some money to pay some bills. Many thanks for your time in...
  7. MichellePT

    Recorded call: Top 5 Things I Wish I'd Known with Michelle Mangen

    Looking forward to hearing it when I have all my posts! I'm just getting started and know I'd definitely benefit from hearing those tips. Thanks for sharing.
  8. MichellePT

    New to the forum

    Hello my fellow VAs! I'm new to this forum & new to the VA world. Quit my job a month ago and when I was telling someone what I was planning on doing, next thing I know I have my first client. Yep, before getting a name for my business, before getting my ducks in a row, before I even pulled...