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    Hello everyone, I am thinking about starting a Meetup in my community, I find that I usually have to travel at least 30 minutes to the nearest Meetup, and this is frustrating for me. I don't live In a rural area, there are hundreds of businesses in my community, so I feel like starting a...
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    Thinking about changing my business name

    Does anyone use their name as their business name? How do you create your website if you have one? Would your URL be Anyone response is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Free Website

    I came across s free website offer on craigslist; I'm always skeptical about free ads on craigslist, however I decided to check out the website here is the link The website look pretty professional and they have a portfolio of sites that they have created for...
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    I have decided to change direction before I have actually gotten my VA business fully started. Instead of being a VA I want to start a online virtual temp agency that focuses on providing business services to senior or older business owners and using seniors/retirees to be a part of my team to...
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    Big Networking event

    Hello girls/guys, I'm looking for some support since I'm a bit nervous. I am going to my first big networking event put on my my local score chapeter, it should be a great crowd tonight and it is all about networking. I have have business cards, brochures and postcards should I take them all...
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    Facebook Likes

    Hello Guys, I just created my facebook page, and looking for some feedback and likes. Please visit my page at Your feedback and like will be greatly appreciated Thanks.
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    Google Voice

    I forward my GV to my sprint phone and I want to have 2 seperate voicemail one for my sprint callers, which is personal, and one for my GV which is for business. Does anyone know if this can be done? If so please advice. Thanks.
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    How to prepare Update!

    Ok, so I attended my first networking event to promote my business this morning at 8am. The name of the group is "Women Leadership Coalition”, and it's through the local COC. First, of all I was the first one there, everyone else was between 5-30 minutes late. I somewhat understand a few minutes...
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    How to prepare

    I am attending my first networking event it's through my local COC , it's a women's only event so I feel a little bit more comfortable. Or should I? Lol couldn't resist. My question is besides having my business card ready, what else can I or should I be doing to prepare. Any advice will be...
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    Help with Potential Client!

    I have a PC that owns a insurance agency, and wants to contract me to do lead calling, she will provide the leads and I will set the appointments. I have my insurance license in P&C and life, I do have experience in this field. I am in the process of putting together a proposal, does anyone have...
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    Warm Calling/Telemarketing

    Does anyone here offer warm calling or telemarketing services? I'm a licensed insurance agent, and use to work in an office for a while. I know how critical calling customers and prospects are for the insurance industry and was thinking of making this one of my niche. I would love to hear...
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    Google AdWords

    Does anyone know how to use Google adsense? I got a credit for it and I'm not sure what to do with that or how to get started. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Website Review Please

    Finally! I have been working on this site for about 2 months and still not completely satisfied. However, because I'm such a perfectionist, if I don't get some type of feedback I can spend the rest of the year working on this and never get my business started. I am looking for honest feedback...
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    Does anyone use fiverr or would recommend using fiverr for any of your business needs? Thanks
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    Adobe Connect

    Has anyone use Adobe connect for meeting with clients vs Skype? If you have which do you prefer? Thanks
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    Tax preparation.

    Does anyone here offer tax preparation services for their client? I have minor in accounting and have be preparing taxes for my friends and families for a while now, and I'm thinking about offering this service to PC. I'm considering doing the H&R block the course to enhance my skills. Does...
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    What do you think of offering a Live Chat option on your website?

    Has anyone used live chat on there website? I have been thinking about incorporating a live chat on my website but I'm weighing the pro vs cons. Do you think this is a good or bad idea? Please provide some feedback on the pros vs cons. Thanks.
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    Hello Guys, I want to add a survey section on my website but having a difficult time coming up with the right type of questions to ask, any suggestion from you guys will be greatly appreciated. Also, if I have a Q&A section, do I necessarily need to add a survey?
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    Paid vs free website themes

    Hello guys, I'm researching themes for my website, and was wondering what are the benefits of going with a paid theme vs one of the free ones. Gayle
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    Logo Dilemma

    I’m trying to create a logo for my business, I've looked at some of the free ones but nothing to my liking. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to get one created relatively cheap. Thanks