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    Anyone work with musicians?

    I have thought about making musicians my niche as well. I would love to schedule touring, although that sounds more like a tour manager :P
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    Question Most popular service?

    Great question! I was wondering this myself as I am a newbie to VA as well!
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    Your Home Office Set-Up

    Looks great!
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    Where to start with SEO?

    Thank you for the feedback everyone! I was wondering myself.
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    Question Most popular service?

    I am new here and this material will all be very helpful as I jump into my new business!
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    How do you handle late payments?

    Great information, I am a newbie and this is going to help me a lot.
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    VA companies to work for?

    Great information, thank you! I am also new.
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    I'll be following along! Speaking of home office, is it really necessary?