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  1. AbleAssist

    Desktop publishing/graphics programs

    Hello fellow VAs, I only have MS Publisher. Are there some other free desktop publishing software that are good to create great flyers and brochures besides Publisher? I was trying to attach a sample of a flyer, but the system is not allowing me to attach a file--it keeps saying that I have...
  2. AbleAssist

    Bumper Stickers

    I have been trying to sell the idea of getting bumper stickers to my new client, to advertise his business and drive more traffic to this website. Do you know if they (bumper stickers) are very effective? I know each time I drive behind a car with a vanity tag or bumper sticker, I try to...
  3. AbleAssist

    An Alternative to Constant Contact

    Does anyone know of a good email marketing tool (similar to CC) that is cheaper than Constant Contact or free? I am looking for something for a client that will accommodate her 500+ contacts and not cost a lot every month. I think CC charges $15.00 a month. Thanks! Andrea...
  4. AbleAssist

    Virtual Assistant Rates on the West Coast

    This might be a strange question, but could some of my West Coast (California, etc) VA colleagues shed some light on the range of rates for VA's on the West Coast? Thank you!:think: Andrea
  5. AbleAssist

    Introducing myself

    Good evening everyone, I am Andrea Bush of Virtually Exceptional Assistance. I am just beginning my VA practice. Prior to that I sub-contracted as a VA and I found that to be very rewarding because I worked with two wonderful ladies! I enjoy networking with other professional ladies/VA's...