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  1. dawndmd

    How do you Find Attorney clients?

    If you are local, take a look at putting up some advertisement of your services at law libraries. My local law library allowed me to post it. But, if you are national, as I said before you need a web site. That and working myself with business social networking is where I have found all of my...
  2. dawndmd

    What's needed for Virtual Bankruptcy Assistance training?

    Plus, she wasn't asking for all this blah blah, just to know about learning about bankruptcy to add to her services and I too am interested.
  3. dawndmd

    What's needed for Virtual Bankruptcy Assistance training?

    Wow, I really felt the need to put in my two cents here. I started my virtual paralegal business eight years ago and I offer my paralegal services to attorneys nationwide. I have done nothing but grow extensively the past eight years and now flourish more than full time. I am finding just the...
  4. dawndmd

    Dead Beat Attorneys Not Paying Invoices

    Thank you for the response. That is why I didn't before I asked :) Have a great day. Dawn
  5. dawndmd

    Dead Beat Attorneys Not Paying Invoices

    Throughout the eight years I have worked now as a Virtual Paralegal, there have been several attorneys who have simply decided to ignore me and not pay their invoices. I would like to see what other paralegals thought about us keeping an ongoing list of the names and cities they live in so that...
  6. dawndmd

    Time Summarizing a Hearing Transcript

    How long do you think it would take to summarize it though. Let me tell you this, they think only 1 hour for 150-175 pages. I can't even read a page that fast.
  7. dawndmd

    Tracking Appellate Deadlines

    Just create a simple excel spreadsheet with the case name, a column for the document, date due, and I would suggest a column to check mark and date accomplished so they now it has been done as well.
  8. dawndmd

    Time Summarizing a Hearing Transcript

    I have been doing this a long time and I started working with an attorney recently who feels I took too long to summarize a hearing transcript. I don't want to say the amount of pages. I am asking if you know how long it would take you to summarize a 175 page transcript? Not digital, but in...
  9. dawndmd

    SEO: DIY vs. Outsourcing

    If you are optimizing locally you may be able to get by doing it yourself with some of the self help books the others mentioned. If you are going national like I did, you need a professional optimizer. I am lucky, I am a certified optimizer, but most are not. I was able to do my own with good...
  10. dawndmd

    Question Would you or have you bought a list of lawyers for your province/state?

    I have done this, sent out a nice newsletter type document to the attorneys by email, on a couple occasions, and had little to no response with this type of marketing. I never got a client from marketing this way. I wasted hours of my time I could have invested in a different marketing...
  11. dawndmd

    How do you Find Attorney clients?

    I have no attorney clients in my area. In fact, in the 3 years I have been working as a virtual paralegal, I finally got a client located in my state, 5 hours away. Your biggest and best marketing, a web site.
  12. dawndmd

    How do you charge?

    When it is drafting a document, it can be hard to determine the time it will take. It will so depend on the complexity of the litigation and so forth. I guess if they want a flat fee, if you think it is going to take at least an hour, $50.00, 2 hours $100.00. They don't realize the benefit of...
  13. dawndmd

    Legal Forms Software

    Are you offering these forms to individuals or attorneys? If you are offering this service to individuals, I would suggest you contact the State Bar Ethics committee in your state to see if that is included in "practicing law". I cant do that from the state I live in. I was advised that you...
  14. dawndmd

    Has anyone tried Dragon NaturallySpeaking software?

    One of my attorney clients uses it. He is in the training process so I do get some funny things in the legal pleadings sometimes lol, like hairy for harry.
  15. dawndmd

    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service I have read and understand. Thank you.
  16. dawndmd

    Paypal Services

    Does anyone know of any other companies like paypal to use for payment from clients? Paypal advised me today that their new policy is that all payments received will be placed on a temporary hold. This applies to all their customers. I can't wait 21 days. Does anyone use any other type of...
  17. dawndmd

    Microsoft Office Groove

    I use Groove with 5 attorney clients. It is the best way so far that I have found to have a complete, secure, collaboration program. All of them love it. Only downfall is the calendar. Not as useful as Outlook. I recently did a powerpoint on Groove. If you are interested in seeing it, PM...
  18. dawndmd

    Legal VA vs. Freelance Paralegal

    Perfectly described by Katekindred.
  19. dawndmd

    New VA biz - Paralegal question

    I believe you should put what you charge, but I am not sure you should provide different charges for general and attorneys on the same web site page as that may very well deter attorneys as they may wonder, as we all know, gee why am I getting charged more...even though we all know how much they...
  20. dawndmd

    Question Should I get paralegal certification?

    You need a degree or certifiecate of some sort and a few years experience before going virtual. I have been a paralegal for 13-years - 2 of which are virtual and the attorneys who ask about my services most definitely want an experience paralegal in the field they are working in. I have an...