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  1. AbleAssist

    Seeking ways to build my business

    Welcome, Stacy-Ann! I look forward to networking with you in the forums!:welcome:
  2. AbleAssist -- Tony Mayer -- SCAM

    Christina, I was also contacted by this person, but he used a different name; however, his email address was the same as Tony Mayer's ( I did a goggle search on and could not find anything, so I did not even followthrough with him! Thanks for the alert!
  3. AbleAssist

    Business Manager

    Cecilia, welcome to the forums! I look forward to networking with you and/or reading your posts on the forums!
  4. AbleAssist

    Hello from Alberta, Canada

    Welcome, Lindsay! Great to have you here! Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you!
  5. AbleAssist

    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome, Patricia! You will love it here! Everyone's very helpful as well as very professional! Again,:welcome:
  6. AbleAssist

    Hello from Georgia/Tennessee

    Hello Teressa! Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay as much I've enjoyed mine! I look forward to networking with you!
  7. AbleAssist

    Progressive Business Solutions

    :welcome: Love your practice name (Progressive Business Solutions)! See you around the forums!:seeya:
  8. AbleAssist


    Welcome to the community! You are among the best VAs and professionals! I look forward to networking with you in the future.
  9. AbleAssist


    Welcome to the Forums! You are among some of the most wonderful and knowledgeable professionals. Make yourself at home and I look forward to gleaning from and networking with you!
  10. AbleAssist

    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome to the Forums, Kira! You are among some of the most professional ladies and gents! I look forward to interacting with you through future posts! :welcome: Andrea
  11. AbleAssist

    Good afternoon from South Africa

    Welcome to the Forums, Susan! Glad to have you here! I look forward to networking and interacting with you through the posts. Please feel at home here! You are among colleagues! Again, :welcome:
  12. AbleAssist

    Hello from Terry in the UK.

    Welcome to the Forums, Terry! Wow, how is good ol' UK? I was there in 1998 and 1999--had a blast! I have family in London. I look forward to networking with you! Again, :welcome:
  13. AbleAssist

    Hello from the land of enchantment (NM)

    Welcome to the Forums, Barbara! You are among some of the brightest and most professional VA's! I look forward to networking with you and reading your posts and ideas! :welcome: Andrea Bush
  14. AbleAssist

    Hello nervous newbie here

    Welcome Teresa! You are among friends here at the Forums. For as long as I have been on this forum, I have yet to meet a rude VA! Everyone is extremely nice and helpful! Make yourself at home and enjoy the learning and networking experience! :welcome: Andrea
  15. AbleAssist

    Hello from Colorado!

    Angela, welcome! I agree with you 100%! This is THE best VA forum. What a dynamic group of professionals! I have learned so much from this community of VAs. I look forward to networking with you and also learning from you! Please let us know if there's anything you need. :welcome: Andrea
  16. AbleAssist

    Web Design books or sites

    Dawn, I don't know if you've had your question regarding web site design answered, but I wanted to tell you about Christina Nelson, our resident Wordpress guru here in the Forums. A few weeks ago, Christiana (ChristinaVOS) did a chat entitled "Your Wordpress Website" and I was very fortunate...
  17. AbleAssist

    New VA from NJ

    Welcome to the forums, Dawn! I love absolutely your forum name (momofkings), very catchy! I was encouraged to keep hanging on just from reading your introduction! Welcome aboard and thanks again for the encouragement!
  18. AbleAssist

    Virtual Assistant Forums Hosts Free Event for Members: Your WordPress Website (Oct 23, 2009)

    I just can't wait! This is my very first Virtual Assistant Forums Chat. I will be there with my note pad and "inquiring mind"! Thanks, Christina! Andrea
  19. AbleAssist

    Hello from NY

    Welcome to both Ivette and Stephanie! Yes, Stephanie, you're right. The forums is really a great resource place! I too look forward to networking with both of you. Andrea
  20. AbleAssist

    Desktop publishing/graphics programs

    Hello fellow VAs, I only have MS Publisher. Are there some other free desktop publishing software that are good to create great flyers and brochures besides Publisher? I was trying to attach a sample of a flyer, but the system is not allowing me to attach a file--it keeps saying that I have...