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  1. Stella

    Question Pricing Social Media Packages?

    Happy Wednesday! I've "officially" launched my business this week. Due to the outpouring of feedback and support from my fellow VA's on this forum (thank you!), I've decided I'm going to encourage my potential clients to elect a package, and am offering HR Support, Social Media Management and...
  2. Stella

    Allocation of Client Hours

    Good Morning, Being a VA that is just starting out (a little frightened to boot and will get into the reasoning behind that below), I just wanted to get your input in regards the hours your clients are allocating financially towards your time. More specifically, how to you determine how much...
  3. Stella

    Phone & Business Solutions

    Good Evening All, Hope everyone had a terrific Labor Day (if located within the states) and ya'll came back refreshed and geared up for another terrific week! I've read various posts that have dated back to 2011 and wanted to see if we could perhaps share collectively some feedback regarding...
  4. Stella

    Billing for Hours Worked

    Hi there, everyone! I am fairly certain every VA encounters this as they begin their business. Seeing as though I am still in the development stages of my business, I am also fortunate enough that I am also working with a client that I picked up as a result of several casual conversations...
  5. Stella

    Question Developing My Services

    Good Afternoon from the Green Mountain State of VT! Seeing as though I am in the beginning stages of developing my business, I was seeking some feedback in regards to the services I am planning on providing. Given I have 12 years experience in the field of Human Resources prior to leaving my...