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  1. dawndmd

    Dead Beat Attorneys Not Paying Invoices

    Throughout the eight years I have worked now as a Virtual Paralegal, there have been several attorneys who have simply decided to ignore me and not pay their invoices. I would like to see what other paralegals thought about us keeping an ongoing list of the names and cities they live in so that...
  2. dawndmd

    Time Summarizing a Hearing Transcript

    I have been doing this a long time and I started working with an attorney recently who feels I took too long to summarize a hearing transcript. I don't want to say the amount of pages. I am asking if you know how long it would take you to summarize a 175 page transcript? Not digital, but in...
  3. dawndmd

    Paypal Services

    Does anyone know of any other companies like paypal to use for payment from clients? Paypal advised me today that their new policy is that all payments received will be placed on a temporary hold. This applies to all their customers. I can't wait 21 days. Does anyone use any other type of...
  4. dawndmd

    Need help with document collaboration

    I need to know if there is any software or online place where more than one person can edit a document at the same time and the changes would merge together. I have an attorney client that I am working on an appellate brief with and for the time being we are emailing drafts back and forth...
  5. dawndmd

    Writing a proposal

    Generally I believe my va business will not need to create a proposal. Maybe I am wrong. I charge hourly for my services. However, recently I had a request from a potential client to write a proposal based upon the services they request of me. I don't know how to do this. Can anyone help...
  6. dawndmd

    There is hope in the world of virtual paralegals

    I am writing this post to give encouragement to those who are venturing out in the world of providing virtual paralegal services to attorneys. Back in May 2008, I was laid off from my paralegal position at a wireless telecom company due to the company closing down. But, since before then...
  7. dawndmd

    Freebie VA Software on my Blog

    I just posted a post on my blog for freebie software VAs can use for their business. I would like to share it with all. I would love your comments on any programs I have listed if you have used the programs and would love any suggestions for added programs that you use that I may not have...
  8. dawndmd

    My new Blog

    I just posted my new blog a few days ago and have been loading it with content today. Can I ask you, the forum and colleagues, to review the blog for your input and also suggestions on what other categories I could include. I want to include virtual and legal categories. Thanks, Dawn...
  9. dawndmd

    Email Marketing works

    I just sent an email newsletter to attorneys all over my state. Here is the response I got from one: "Ms. Draper, Usually, I do not respond to solicitation e-mails. However, yours got my attention. I am interested in learning more about your paralegal services. Do you have any...
  10. dawndmd

    Need critique

    I have decided to send my resume and an email to attorneys in my area and I would like some critique on the content of the email I plan to send. Any help would be appreciated. Dawn "My name is Dawn Draper from the Traverse City area. I am a paralegal with 12-years experience currently...
  11. dawndmd

    Sample Documents

    Can anyone direct me to a sample welcome letter and client intake sheet?
  12. dawndmd

    My first potential client

    I have only recently begun my career as a virtual assistant. My jobs thus far have been found by me researching and submitting my resume. Today I received an email from my first potential client who found my web site. I have a telephone interview with them today. I am a little nervous and...
  13. dawndmd

    How to land a freelance job article

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I came across a nice web site with good information on what you need as a freelance virtual assistant and how to go about searching for your jobs. You can see the article at...
  14. dawndmd


    I have been considering using Skype for a VOIP telephone. Just wondered if anyone has pros and cons about using this service. It appears to be pretty reasonable price wise. I would like to know the quality of the sound. Dawn
  15. dawndmd

    Telecommute Web Site Scam

    I search for potential jobs at I came home yesterday and opened my mail to find that I received a Cashier's Check for $2,410.00 made out to me and a letter stating that I was selected due to my resume at to participate in a survey job...
  16. dawndmd

    Free HTML Editor

    If anyone is interested there is a free html editor available for download. It is an oldie but goodie. You can find it at I use dreamweaver, but this freebie editor works great as well. Dawn
  17. dawndmd

    Web site for review

    I just stumbled upon this section of the forum. I designed my web site about 3 weeks ago. Please review. I would love any input you can offer. Thanks, Dawn
  18. dawndmd

    New to Virtual Assisting

    I am fairly new to the virtual assistant circuit. I am a virtual paralegal, but also would like clients from other business types. I have been searching for jobs and seem to go around in circles. How do you find good potential clients? What is the best way to market? I do have a web site...
  19. dawndmd

    Virtual Paralegal from Michigan

    Hi. My name is Dawn M. Draper, a virtual paralegal from Michigan. I wanted to stop by and say hi. I just signed up for the forum and look forward to meeting all of you.