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  1. LizsVAServices

    Changing My Niche But So Lost On Blog Market While Staying SEO-FRIENDLY

    Hi everyone, After many months of back and forth, I have finally decided on a niche. I focused on a specific group of clients that I have been working with the past few years (Small, product-based businesses that sell to consumers. 1-10 people.) I've worked with a few of these businesses...
  2. LizsVAServices

    What are your top 3 ways for finding new clients?

    Hi y'all! I am struggling to find clients for my virtual consultant business. I have a focus on newsletter creation, wordpress website maintenance and social media posts. (I've done a lot of web-related work for coaches, bloggers and entrepreneurs.) I'm sending out newsletters, and trying to...
  3. LizsVAServices

    Web Developer Gone Virtual Assistant Crazy

    Hi everyone! My name is Liz and I am a website developer who has completely changed my career path in the direction of becoming a Virtual Assistant. I am SO greatful to find this forum with other VAs. I can't wait to meet everyone and I look forward to any advice or conversations! Thank you so...