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  1. Williams

    Who do VAs turn to for help with little to no notice?

    Re: Who do VA’s turn to for help with little to no notice? Hi Linda, Are you willing to share your agreement with us here on the forum? It certainly seems like there are many of us that are interested in this post and will be forming business relationships in regards to the subject matter of...
  2. Williams

    Who do VAs turn to for help with little to no notice?

    Re: Who do VA’s turn to for help with little to no notice? I love this information and very timely since I'm currently looking for an Infusionsoft VA to handle my accounts while I'm away this summer. Thanks, Linda!
  3. Williams

    Sharing a milestone reached in my journey to VA

    Hi Liz and welcome! My first client was my last employer. When I jumped into my business 3 years ago, I also took the risk you are taking. I was working 3 days from home for my former employer and 2 days in the office, and I was trying to get my VA business running. I had too much loyalty to...
  4. Williams

    How Do You Pay Yourself?

    Welcome to you both! I have a business account and when I need money (personal money) I take an owner's draw from my business account. I use the 'cash' basis not accrual for accounting purposes. I'm certain you will have more responses -- just thought I'd share what I do. Terri
  5. Williams

    Printer Usage

    Hi Stacie! Nice to have you at the forum! My printer broke in October and I miss it; however, I only printed for my personal use - not for clients. Currently, I'm sending documents to my husband (who also works from home) and he prints on his printer. Terri
  6. Williams

    Infusionsoft University

    Tracy, I am SOOO VERY PROUD OF YOU!! Congratulations... you gave me goosebumps I'm so excited for you. I bet your sister is jazzed as well! Now we have a expert Infusionsoft Certified Consultant on the forum. There might be more... don't know. Any others?
  7. Williams

    New in Texas

    Welcome Tami!!! You will find all the answers to your questions here on the forum. If a search in the forum doesn't provide you answers, then just ask your question and many VA's will provide their expertise.
  8. Williams

    PC laptop recommendations?

    I'm interested hubby's looking for a laptop to replace his very, very old desktop PC. 2001 -- I think it's time for an upgrade. Don't you?
  9. Williams

    Photoshop Training FREE

    Hi everyone! Here's a link if interested in learning Photoshop! FREE...
  10. Williams

    Infusionsoft University

    Tracy!!! good luck at ICC training!!! Terri
  11. Williams

    New here, starting from scratch

    I really, really like your logo and tag line. Superb!!!
  12. Williams

    Question How did someone register for email subscription on my website?

    Update: I found this answer on WP forum. However, since I don't have a blog on my site, I am still concerned on how someone was able to register for my site? Does anyone have the answer they would...
  13. Williams

    Question How did someone register for email subscription on my website?

    I have a website built in Wordpress, theme ThemeZee, and there are no posts -- just a website. Someone registered for email subscription and I do not know how they did this. I do have wishlist on my site but they didn't register through the link for the private membership site--because if they...
  14. Williams

    Google+ Training

    This video training on Google+ is from January 2013 ... and when I watched it back then it was GREAT! Not sure if anything has changed in Google+, but at the time this was a great step by step instructions.
  15. Williams

    Learn how to make the right offers to the right people in the right way

    Thank you, Michelle! From your link above I found GetResponse! WOW, incredible. I've been on the search for a good contact form, web form, subscription list, etc. And I finally found it thanks to your post above. Have a great day!
  16. Williams

    Subcontractor billing

    Great question. Part of my business is "VA Overload" and each VA I work with has paid me hourly. ...and each has their own project management system and tracking system. It's a lot to keep track of, and I love it!
  17. Williams

    Forwarding Domain Names

    If you're set on the .com, I would create my site as a .com keeping the .net and then redirecting the .net to the new site.
  18. Williams

    Infusionsoft University

    got it! sure was nice meeting you! Terri
  19. Williams

    Infusionsoft University

    Tracy, I need your email please. Terri
  20. Williams

    Infusionsoft University

    Hi Tracy, Yes, I passed as well... and am very excited about all that I've learned. I Terri