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    Customer Service and Membership Renewals as a Niche?

    Ok, so customer service and membership renewals is my background. My understanding when deciding on a niche is to 1.)Choose what will sell!! 2.) Start with what you know & 3.)Choose one thing to focus on. The place that I used to work closed their doors suddenly a few months ago. I would think...
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    Looking for best practices on what needs to be done daily to get my business up and running.

    I am still working on getting my business off the ground and feel like I'm still spinning my wheels. I need to get clients so that I can invest in more learning and certifications and such. I keep researching, but I'm starting to come to the point that I don't know what I'm looking for anymore...
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    Client Testimonials

    Is it usual to have a client tell you to write up the testimonial and they'll just put their name to it? Does that mean they don't have anything good to say themselves, so they'd rather I did it???? Now I just worried myself!! :yikes:
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    Keeping Skills up-to-date

    Once establishing a niche, what are some of the ways, websites, or places that one can keep their skills up-to-date or even get certification until they get busy with clients?
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    New comer in Southern Oregon

    Hi everyone! :seeya: My name is Jessica Weigel. I was recently layed off as the company I worked for nearly 5 years closed its doors. In my pursuit of looking for interesting work opportunities, I decided that freelancing was for me. I have solid experience with many types of businesses and I...