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  1. Williams

    Photoshop Training FREE

    Hi everyone! Here's a link if interested in learning Photoshop! FREE...
  2. Williams

    Question How did someone register for email subscription on my website?

    I have a website built in Wordpress, theme ThemeZee, and there are no posts -- just a website. Someone registered for email subscription and I do not know how they did this. I do have wishlist on my site but they didn't register through the link for the private membership site--because if they...
  3. Williams

    Great free learning website

    Another great Free learning website...for all areas. I am amazed. There are 14 hours of Photoshop training for free...and they are good videos. Had to share with the 'best va forum' on the internet. Go and search for what you need to learn... even Wordpress. :thumbsup:
  4. Williams

    Anyone Attending "Be The Change" in Orlando?

    Hi everyone!!! Is anyone attending the Suzanne Evans' Be The Change this April in Orlando? If so, please send me an email so we can connect at the event! It would so much fun to meet a few of you in person!! Terri Williams :grouphug:
  5. Williams

    Discovered a GREAT SITE!

    Hi everyone, Just had to share the latest greatest site I found I am learning Photoshop at the moment and came across this site which not only teaches Photoshop, but Excel, Word, iPad, Outlook, and other programs. :happydance: My happy dance for finding this!
  6. Williams

    Spark & Hustle (Chicago) - Chance to Hang Out together and LAUGH!

    Anyone going to Spark & Hustle in Chicago tomorrow? Let's connect while there...send me an email or post reply here.
  7. Williams

    Plug in for Picture Gallery

    What's the best Picture Gallery Plugin that you have found works the best for a wordpress site built in one of Studio Presses themes?
  8. Williams

    Navigation Bar Link - Wordpress

    Can anyone help me with navigation bar link? On my drop down menu I have three services that link properly, but I do NOT want the word Services to be linked to anything. I want the user to my site to rest their cursor over the word services in the navigation bar, and when the drop down appears...
  9. Williams

    PageRanks Backlinks!

    I was sent this great link on building helping with BackLinks... I've watched the first video and there is some very good information. Have a llok.
  10. Williams

    Powerpoint slide on website

    Has anyone placed a powerpoint on their website? If so, was there anything special you needed to do to add it? I'm not sure where to begin, and thought I would ask the PROS!
  11. Williams

    Revised my Site!

    Hi fellow VA's! I'm taking a deep breath and asking for some feedback on my recently updated website. I gave my site a much needed uplift this past weekend. Whether it's a :thumbsup: or a :mad2: go back to the drawing board, I'd love to hear from whomever has the time to check my site out. All...
  12. Williams

    Blog using your existing business website?

    Why have a blog created in wordpress, blogger, tumlr vs just adding a new button to your existing website page? Existing web page has keywords, titles, mega tags... My answer is that possibly some people choose a blog when they don't have a website or a need for a website. The reason I'm...
  13. Williams

    Dreamweaver vs. WordPress

    More and more websites, in my experience, are using WordPress. I've been using Dreamweaver and CSS and I am thinking about learning WordPress to build my clients' websites. What is your experience with WordPress? Do you find it easier and faster to build sites for your clients? Do you include...
  14. Williams

    Website contract language

    I'm writing a contract for building a website which is an all-inclusive price. I need to add a statement and not sure of wording and am requesting 'your' expertise please. The statement reads something to the effect of: Changes/edits/additions to the website as it is being built are included...
  15. Williams

    JavaScript or something else

    If you were to build an interactive website today, would you use JavaScript or something else? If something else, which software please.
  16. Williams

    Question Today's the Day! - attending Chamber Business Expo

    Hi everyone! The big Chamber business expo is tomorrow and I've been preparing and preparing...and need your help! Here's what I have to offer the businesses: A drawing for nice gift to collect emails, names and phone numbers. My business cards and trifold brochure. A one-page sheet entitled...
  17. Williams

    Please critique my website.

    Hi everyone! :seeya: I would love any feedback on my website please. What's good and what can use improvement would be a great help for me.
  18. Williams

    Question DATABASE - FileMakerPro 11 for mac

    I've always used Excel for database management and came upon FileMakerPro 11 for the mac. Has anyone used this software, and if so, what do you like about it please?
  19. Williams

    I'm New and glad I'm here!

    Hello everyone! I was fortunate to find VAF via a google search and signed up immediately! I resigned from my position on February 25th and am now setting up my own virtual office for the county I live in. I created my website and will be making changes to it over the next week. I will join...