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  1. adavant

    FREE OFFER to build list??

    Hi all I'm wanting to create a FREE offer to build my list as I will be coming back to my VA business full time in MAY. As of right now I am working full time so my old strategy of offering a free consult wouldn't work until then. What's something I could offer until then to get my list...
  2. adavant

    Question about working with Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

    Hi All I'm considering advertising locally to try and find some brick and mortar clients, but need help brainstorming what it is I could provide. What are services you might do if you as a VA work with brick and mortar businesses? Email Monitoring (is that what you'd call it) Social...
  3. adavant

    Looking for Experienced VA Mentor / Coach - who do you recommend?

    I am looking for a VA mentor or coach to help take my business to the next level. Last year I tried the multi-VA model and I feel like I didn't do well with it. I have the basics down pat as well as some areas of specialization, but taking it to the next level is where I need help. Who do...
  4. adavant

    Creating a template

    I have a question about creating a template. I want to create an editable template in Word or Open Office but I only want certain pieces to be editable I don't want the person to otherwise be able to edit that document. Can you tell me how to do this? Thanks
  5. adavant

    Good Deal on Outlook

    Does anyone know where to get the best price on Outlook 2010? I'm looking to start using it and need to get a great deal! Thanks
  6. adavant

    Changed my info but it didn't change on my posts

    I changed my info under settings. The name of my VA firm is different now and when I go to a post Creative VA Partner (my old name) is still there. Does it not work instantly?
  7. adavant

    Follow up Plan

    I'm curious about how other people FOLLOW UP, with leads, potential clients, current clients and previous clients. I want to keep clients in my funnel. I want to move them from set up packages to maintenance but I don't want to hassle them Do any of you have ideas, a strategy a follow up...
  8. adavant

    Does anyone have a Business / operations manual they would share?

    I'm in the process of having my personal VA put together my business / operations manual for my company. I am having trouble knowing what all should go in it , how it should be formatting,etc. I know this might be a personal preference but I like to have a "cookie cutter" or "Mold" to go by. ...
  9. adavant

    Using Basecamp to Manage Multi-VAs

    Does anyone use Basecamp to manage your team of VAs? I am just trying to set it up and wondering what the best process is for this. Can anyone enlighten me?
  10. adavant

    Question How do you operate legally (LLC, sole prop, partnership, etc.)?

    Just curious about this. Thanks for taking the poll.
  11. adavant

    How do You communicate with your clients?

    Curious...HOw do you communicate with your clients and keep up with projects? Letting them know your status, time worked, etc. Strictly email? Via Telephone? A software / program such as Basecamp? Something free like a googled document or spreadsheet? Just curious.
  12. adavant

    My niche - Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Other Creative Types

    My niche is authors, speakers, coaches and other creative types. I'd like to help them use internet marketing to grow their business(es).
  13. adavant

    Started a Biz, But Have Been doing Work for a While

    I finally started a VA business "officially". Honestly, I have been doing this type work since 2007 one & off to make extra money. I have had a ghostwriting business, A Writer for Hire since October 2007, many say it is a "virtual assistant" business. However along the way I always was...