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  1. DianaEnnen

    Question Finding clients (again!) (long)

    Hi Have you guys tried promoted posts on Facebook? I'm finding those can help for as little as $5.00 as it reaches out to more. I will often promote my posts on pr tips or va tips and then also occasionally when I mention my services or a new program I'm doing. (You can also create an ad...
  2. DianaEnnen

    Virtual Book Tours

    Hi Great information. I really liked that latest post on the book baby blog. I do think it's a great opportunity for virtual assistants and have helped my clients do it as well. Lots of work, but it can truly be very beneficial for book sales. Plus building relationships with other...
  3. DianaEnnen

    Virtual Assistants for bloggers

    Re: VAs for bloggers Hi Awesome! Glad it was helpful. Diana
  4. DianaEnnen

    Virtual Assistants for bloggers

    Re: VAs for bloggers Hi One thing that bloggers often need to help writing their posts and/or articles. You might be able to hit the market more too by offering article marketing services (if you can do that.) I believe you can reach the target audience of bloggers and also get others as...
  5. DianaEnnen

    Building and Maintaining a Mailing List

    Hi I agree! So many times I'll sign up for someone's newsletter because I want to get their offer. Plus, it's a great way to show your expertise in this area. One mistake I see a lot making is to offer a report or freebie on something that is totally unrelated to their services. To me...
  6. DianaEnnen

    Where do I start?

    Hi Congratulations on getting started! I recommend also being really active on Facebook and sharing tips and wisdom of what you know in your specialty. Also, I use article marketing as well. Write articles on your specialty, but also make sure you share them on your social media and in your...
  7. DianaEnnen

    Need to write a press release

    Hi I love writing press releases! Here are a few tips. One of the things I get asked so much is how to make it newsworthy. You just want to find your angle. Can you connect it to something that is happening in the news today? Like my next press release on my books will probably be...
  8. DianaEnnen

    Question Opinion on Name Choice

    Hi I really like it too! Just makes you feel good when you hear it. I think clients will have the same thoughts. Thanks!
  9. DianaEnnen

    Question What is your most in-demand service?

    Hi My most popular request is writing press releases and articles and sending them out. Also, I am seeing a lot more wanting web copy and social media. Love that. Thanks!
  10. DianaEnnen

    Retainer Question

    Hi I recently changed my retainer policies. I used to have my retainers set for 3 months and at the end of the 3 months we would renew. I figured then I would have three months to show them all I could do. However, what happened was often at the end of the 3 months I'd get nervous, will...
  11. DianaEnnen

    Does a Subcontactor Need A Website?

    Hi I truly believe it's beneficial. I know I work with a lot of subcontractors and one of the first things I'll do when deciding on a new sub is check out their site. It's definitely not the determining factor, but it often does tell me a lot about the sub. For example, I want to see their...
  12. DianaEnnen

    Do you have set hours for your virtual assistant business?

    Re: Do you have set hours? Hi I tend to be a little flexible, but really try and stick to regular work hours, especially writing back emails. Weekends are the biggie for me. I find that once i start emailing clients back on the weekend, they think I'm avaialble and it just becomes a normal...
  13. DianaEnnen

    Change Name on Facebook Page

    Hi Wow I didn't know that! I was thinking of starting over with my fan page so I could get some keywords in there and not just be my co name. Thanks for that info. Now hopefully I can figure it out! Diana Ennen
  14. DianaEnnen

    for which tasks should you stop the clock?

    Hi Excellent points. I too bill for emails and calls, however, for me not all emails only because it would take me longer to bill for it then to do it. For example, I do a lot of sending clients HARO and Profnet pitches they could pitch. Only takes seconds to send so I normally don't bill...
  15. DianaEnnen

    BOOK REVIEW - Virtual Assistant - The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA

    Re: Virtual Assistant - The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA Hi Thanks so much! If you can't find it at your library let me know. We have a few copies of the older version left (we just released the 4th edition), and I might be able to hook you up. I'll check with...
  16. DianaEnnen

    Article Marketing

    Hi I too see a big jump in hits to my site and also sales of my books. I do a lot of article marketing for clients and we see more results with them as well. What's good when you do PR for clients is then they get to see tangible results. They can see their name and keywords come up so...
  17. DianaEnnen

    Discounts on Submissions

    Hi I've signed up for several newsletters like from eReleases (the Insider's Club), PRWeb, etc., and am finding that they often will give out discounts for submissions. eReleases just had a major sale of over $125.00 off. Just thought that might help! Dinaa
  18. DianaEnnen

    Article Writing to Promote Your VA Business?

    Hi I do a lot of article marketing for my business and for clients. I think by getting my keywords in there and then when come types in Google and we come up, that makes a big difference. I totally agree. Clients want more than what a virtual assistant is. But I do think clients still...
  19. DianaEnnen

    In doubt

    Hi I go back and forth on this too, especially when I started thinking of going with packages. I normally don't have my rates on my site. I find it better if they contact me so I can send my proposal or talk with them. It seems to work. I do sometimes have to talk with clients who I'm out...
  20. DianaEnnen

    Question My first cold calls will start Monday... eek!

    Hi Yahoo!!! That is awesome. I agree it's so nice to do what works. What's nice too is now you have the email template that works you can continue to tweak it and hit other areas too. That's awesome. I really agree on the Chamber. There are just so many opportunities. Plus if you go...