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    How do you charge for being "On Call"?

    This thread has been very helpful, I especially liked TRC - Cheryl's 2 hour policy for returning calls when they go to voicemail. I just wish I had come across it before I drafted the terms of my agreement.
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    Anyone a VA to a therapist or counselor?

    I work with a counselor and a psychotherapist, and absolutely love it. Both clients have established email/text as primary method of communication for their clients, so it makes my job so much easier. I basically handle scheduling and manage their calendar. I have provided transcription services...
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    Question Team Viewer Remote Desktop

    Teamviewer is a great tool... another option is
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    How do you title yourself?

    I really like the title of Business Solutions Specialist...
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    Time Tracking

    TeamworkPM is a great tool too, it can track tasks, projects, files, time, invoice and allows users to assign tasks and message... if the task you're working on requires collaboration.
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    Question Google Docs or Dropbox - File Sharing and Storage

    I'm currently using Dropbox - Pro for file sharing and storage. I've always used google apps but I'm uncertain about switching to Google Docs... Dropbox works great for me... Can anyone that has used both provide some feedback on which you prefer and why? Thanks, Shirley
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    Set Time Frames and On Call?!

    I handle calls (schedule appointments, speak to potential clients, etc.) for one of my clients and haven't had any problems with the process. Open communication is key. She understands that there are times I can't answer the phone right away, but I try to make those an exception, usually...