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  1. TNVirtualAssistant

    Newbie from Tennessee!

    Hi there Barbara! I am just down the road in Murfreesboro!! Glad to see you here!
  2. TNVirtualAssistant

    Forming Inc/LLC for VAs

    To my understanding, isn't it the state where the work is actually taking place that dictates? For gross receipts filings anyways, that was how I handled it in the past for a company with offices in TN and CA. On the TN business license filing (based on gross receipts earned in TN), we...
  3. TNVirtualAssistant

    LinkedIn & target market conundrums

    Thanks Reese, I appreciate the encouragement about LinkedIn. Once I started digging into it, I realized that LinkedIn is very much set up for you to market yourself - that's the whole point. But I find myself a little behind the game, in that I've got a handful of clients without having a...
  4. TNVirtualAssistant

    Sharing a milestone reached in my journey to VA

    That's great news twenty47! Parting ways on good terms is the best way to go. I have good working relationships with two former employers, both of whom sought me out when they could not find a replacement for me. Good luck!!
  5. TNVirtualAssistant

    How to prepare Update!

    What a let-down. I think Susan has a great suggestion about calling to get more information. Maybe they have other events that will give you better access to potential clients as opposed to a social session. How many people attended? I think it's smart of you to give them one more chance to...
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    Excited for 2014

    Congratulations! Way to be on the ball!
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    Website review please :O)

    Hi there chuckles, just took a look at your website and I found a couple of typos you may want to fix: - On the Services tab, under Email Management, the word "concentrate" is misspelled. In the following sentence, I think you meant for "todays" to actually be "today's" (with an apostrophe)...
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    Sharing a milestone reached in my journey to VA

    Congratulations twenty47! It takes tremendous courage to do what you have done! I commend you for your confidence and your commitment to taking your business seriously. Please keep us posted!
  9. TNVirtualAssistant

    First Client and Not Quite ready Yet ... Help!

    Congratulations Joanne! I've had some projects fall out of the sky too, and I also find myself a bit unprepared for the leap. I'm eager to see what advice our resident experts can give!
  10. TNVirtualAssistant

    LinkedIn & target market conundrums

    Sorry to be so confusing. Prior to the idea of building my own VA business, I didn't give LinkedIn much thought, so my profile is brand new. LinkedIn is not as cut-and-dry as I had expected, so I'm trying to be careful and deliberate about how I market myself there. As it turns out, I found...
  11. TNVirtualAssistant

    How to prepare

    I would second the advice to have your elevator speech ready. I *thought* I had mine, then I got a HUGE opportunity to use it yesterday, and instead I just blurted out "virtual assistant." Duh. Also, even if you don't know what to say to a person, you just can't beat a friendly smile, eye...
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    LinkedIn & target market conundrums

    Good morning guys. After reflecting on the situation overnight, I guess what I am most stuck with is how to reconcile two sets of services that are so different. On the one hand, I can do lots of high-level spreadsheet analysis and programming, and on the other hand, I can plan and execute a...
  13. TNVirtualAssistant

    LinkedIn & target market conundrums

    I have a LinkedIn dilemma I'm hoping someone can help me work through. It's a similar problem to one BobbieLynn posted a while back. I worked in the automotive finance industry for a consulting firm for 11 years before being laid off at the end of 2009. In spite of the layoff, I have...
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    Time Management

    I like the idea of being proactive with clients and reaching out to them once a week, but I'm curious if anyone has an official policy requiring clients to provide a minimum notice on projects. Obviously, some projects are easier than others to turn around, but with the two clients I presently...
  15. TNVirtualAssistant

    Let's talk about subcontracting

    Forgot to add...Lee, that's a great point about remembering as a subcontractor that you don't have the marketing and advertising expense if you're piggybacking off someone else's primary contract. Therefore, you are correct, our subcontractor rate should reflect that discount. Great tip!!
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    Let's talk about subcontracting

    What Rhonda says is so true. My husband and I have this ongoing all boils down to who you know. The corollary to that idea is, who do people know you to be? That goes for every arena, whether it is personal or professional in nature. Whether you intend to be an exceptional...
  17. TNVirtualAssistant

    Google Voice

    Gotcha. So I guess you can choose, either see the GV number when a call comes in, or see the number of the person who is calling (without knowing they are calling your GV number). I'm still curious, does anyone use the call screening where callers are required to announce their names, and if...
  18. TNVirtualAssistant

    Google Voice

    JNS, when I realized I might actually start this business, I set up a Google Voice account. I had the same concern - how would I know which calls ring to my cell phone from my Google Voice number and which calls are personal calls? I discovered that the caller ID always shows my Google Voice...
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    New member from TN!

    Thanks Erika!! I love how friendly everyone is here!
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    I tend to agree with Jersey, I think there is some tax consideration for bartering. I'm certain there is for personal income taxes, so my guess is that the same would be true for business taxes returns. Can anyone speak to how that's handled? I have only bartered in my personal life. I...