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    What can I expect at a networking meeting?

    So can anyone give a list of places that you can find networking events other than the Chamber of Commerce? Being new at this I feel that would be very helpful Thanks
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    Emailing potential clients

    Hi would just mailing a newsletter directly to the company be an option? I'm trying to find ways to get to new prospective clients as well.
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    Companies that hire a VA who is just starting out

    Janine Your information is a godsend. As a new startup this is one of the big questioins I have had. Thank you
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    Beginner Rates

    This has all been very helpful. I think one of the hardest parts of startup is setting your rates.
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    Making my business legit

    I was going to say you should check out SCORE as well. Full of helpful information
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    Question Just starting... could I please get your feedback?

    Love the logo. May want to list example of services you provide on the back. Just a thought
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    10 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Virtual Assistant Business Blog

    Great tips! I'm just starting my blog as well so I too would like to know how to drive more traffic to it. Any advice would be appreciated
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    Question What supplies do you Absolutely Need to Start?

    Your list is great! What a huge help. I will check into onenote as well. :)
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    What business is the new up and coming need?

    Hi is also a great place to get advice most are retired entrepeneurs with a lot to offer. Hope that helps
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    Just joining

    Hi Ralph I too just recently found the forum and and still learning of all the value that it offers. Good luck
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    Question Linked In Premium

    Being a new start up I have found that for nw the free version gives you quite a lot of options. Hope that helps :)
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    Free CRM with time tracking?

    I am looking into Basecamp as well - I was excited to see the post that it has a 60 day free trial. Always good to try before you buy when it comes to software.
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    I am pretty sure that once you receive an EIN number it stays with the business and does not have to be changed for location you can go to the guidelines at to be sure before filing for one Hope that helps
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    Phone Answering Service that Offers More - Unique Niche?

    I have not added this to my offerings. I am concerned that it could have the potential to over take the other services tying me down to a phone. Does anyone feel it is a major benefit to offer phone services when starting up?
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    Question Help with Pricing Packages Please!

    Hi Laura I too am just starting up - can you tell me what you mean by Ad-hoc pricing? I'm clear on the other options you listed but just wanted clarification please. Have a great day
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    Personal Assistant Services question

    How would you recommend that you advertise or list personal assistant services and what would the approximate going hourly rate be for that? Im new at this and though I have done it in the past I am trying to decide if I want to add that to my services. Any advice is appreciated
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    How to set rates?

    question? I'm in the start up process and was wondering How do you choose your rates? Is it hourly per state or just an average hourly rate for services? Any help is appreciated :)
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    Life Expectancy of a Virtual Assistant Business

    I agree it takes dedication but it is well worth it - Ruth your advice is great - Thanks
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    Time Management

    I like the suggestion of 15 mins or less no charge - thanks!
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and agree to the terms I look forward to working with you :)