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    Welcome and Good Luck with Much Success
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    How to find clients via LinkedIn?

    Awesome Advise Brookie. Keep Posting and adding your comments
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    How to I get clients for my virtual bankruptcy assistant business? Not sure where to.

    First of all Welcome and I would just like to add just stay Focused and do lots of research and Post and it will happen.......Best of Luck
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    Should a new Virtual Assistant offer services for free to get started?

    Re: New VA Thats Awesome. Yes we must stay focused. Good Luck.
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    Best sites for Social Media Posting?

    Hello an Welcome I would say just keep osting on all of hhe Social Media site out there and some on will find you and your sevices. Good Luck
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    How do I find clients?

    Yes just keep your online marketing going also word of mouth is the Best Advertisement and Don't Give Up we have All been there. Stay Focused
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    I agree with Suzanna you should know your worth. But also keep this in mind that if you start out using $17 an hour. It might be an issue once you decide to increase your rates. Just adding my 2 cents. Good Luck and Welcome.
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    I feel like I need more information from a practical perspective

    The book is Awesome and it does help answer a lot of questions and concerns, But also try your local library they can order books and videos for you at no cost just time. Good Luck
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    Traveling for a networking event?

    I live in a Big City so the farthest I will travel is 30 mins away. But next week I will be traveling to my Family Reunion so any one can give me some advise as to how I can tie a little networking into my Vac/Reunion please share. Thanks
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    Getting ready to send letters out

    Yes keep us informed. We would like to know if all your hard work pays off. Good Luck
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    Question Contracts for Packaged Services

    Tess and Janine come to the rescue again......Great Information. Just keep in mind that every Client is different and as long as they know that you are willing to Customize a Package to fit their needs that makes it more appealing to them. Remember we are here to make their Business run Smoother...
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome Sunshine. And like Tess said you are in great company and you will be fine. Just Stay Focused and Stong.
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    Turning a hobby into a business...In Indiana!

    Welcome aboard brownlisak. You will learn lots of tips and Ideals on this forum..Anytime you need advise or you are not sure about something just post it and someone will answer and offer their Assistance to you. Good Luck
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    New To The Forum

    Welcome mikeandnaomi, you will learn lots of new and exciting things on the Forum and the VA's a Awesome also and Really Really Helpful.....Good Luck
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    Is it possible to do VA work part-time?

    I agree with both VA's. But Yes once you get your first client you will figure out what works best for you and your client. It will come to you JUST STICK IN THERE. Good Luck
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    New VA

    Welcome and Good Luck. Just keep blogging and posting and going on VA sites also Network and get your name out there. It is tough to get started but it will happen. Stay Focused
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    Should a new Virtual Assistant offer services for free to get started?

    Re: New VA Just keep your name out there. Post on blog and reply to blogs. Do everything VA related and Definately Network and word of mouth will help also. Good Luck
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    Start up

    Awesome Advise, I wish you lots of Luck with the letters. There is NO one way to get clients so I wish you lots of Success.
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    Time Tracking

    Quick Books Pro has a built in Time Tracker system also and it is really easy to use. BUt all the othe suggestions are good also. It is eally what you feel comfortable using and that is easy enough for your client. Good Luck...Hope my 2 cents Helps...
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    Hello Friends

    Welcome vajhelo.....Much Success... You will learn lots of very valueable information. You will find that you can ask anything and someone will be more than willing to help.....:applause: