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    Question Which Computer Operating System do you use?

    Linux? Windows 7? or Mountain Lion?
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    Link Twitter E-books

    I found two e-books that appear to be good beginner resources on how to use twitter in your business. 1) An intro guide to how to use twitter for business 2) How to Attract Customers with Twitter...
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    Logo Design

    So I found a logo designer on and put in a gig request. I'm not too crazy about the logo, so I'm off to the next idea. Is there any easy way to create my own logo? Or is there a place that I can grab some images to use as my logo?
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    Studiopress, Ithemes, or elegant themes?

    Trying to figure out what theme I will use to build my web site. Out of these three companies(studiopress, ithemes, or elegant themes), which one of these do most people recommend?