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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi, I recently moved to Wisconsin and am also a new VA. This forum is full of information as well as helpful people. I have learned a lot here, the VA assistant book and contracts offered in the store have helped me in getting everything organized. If you are interested in a meetup let me...
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    Fear of Networking and Fear of Failure

    Hi Donna, I sympathize with you totally. My problem has been overthinking everything. My personal view on networking within my full time job is I don't. I don't want there to be any impression I am doing this on my employer's time so I just don't do it. The other thing is the fear factor...
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    Hi !

    I have been considering joining Toastmaster since it will expose me to speakers as well as possibly help me with my own reluctance to speak publicly.
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    Hi !

    Thank you for the warm wekcome Janine. My VA business will target speakers, coaches and authors in the health and wellness industry. This is a major area of interest for me so I decided to make it my niche. I have 15+ years experience in administrative support and event planning, so I will...
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    Hi !

    Hi, I am a new virtual assistant that has spent way too much time planning and is finally ready to start doing. I have learned so much from you ladies here it is amazing. Chantay
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and understand the TOS. Chantay